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Quote: Originally Posted by ama I agree, the first one was typical. The second one was excessive. At least GF is contributing something to the forvm though, even if its not "revolutionary." Well, color me surprised if grilling a readily available, commonly grilled meat is thinking outside the box.
Lamb isn't outside the box. You're not a revolutionary griller.
Also when you're Jay-Z they probably don't check either.
No way, lamb? Now you're really breakin' the mold.
Booker's Glenlivet 18
My travel schedule is not conducive to finding any bottles this year
Antique Collection press release http://www.buffalotrace.com/main.asp?page=pressroom
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Lol. That's doubtful. More likely is that the restaurant doesn't want to deal with the bullshit in CASE anything were to happen, so they refuse to. Unless Atlanta is even more stupid about food laws than Chicago is. I ordered plenty of burgers medium rare in Atlanta.
It's might be tough for me to nab any this year because I'm staffed in Honolulu and will only be back in the mainland the second and fourth weekends in October and then the first weekend in November in the prime time to grab some bottles.
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