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I get $30 for lunch everyday
I assume you'd be flying to Denver. If so, avoid driving out to the ski areas on I-70 on Saturday morning unless you leave Denver by 6am. Likewise, avoid driving back towards Denver in the late afternoon on a Sunday. I'd probably consider getting a multi-day pass that will allow you to ski Breckenridge, Keystone, A Basin, and a limited number of days at Vail or Beaver Creek. I'm not sure on lodging prices in the resort areas (e.g., Breckenridge, Keystone, etc.), but...
Denver (home bar): Colt & Gray - crowd can sometimes be a bit pretentious, but the food is decent and the drinks are very well made Elsewhere: Velvet Tango Room (Cleveland)
Price range?
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff When I'm home in NC, Bojangles all the way. This. Four piece supremes dinner, french fries, biscuit, iced tea, and maybe a bo berry biscuit. I'll usually make a Bojangles stop when I'm home in NC. Chick-fil-A if available elsewhere.
It's pretty foul. The lemonade flavor is probably the least off-putting of the flavors. I was up until 6am after drinking two cans. Joose is another one you could try.
I don't really think lamb is "out of the box" for a holiday meal, but if the philistines think it is, so be it.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama I agree, the first one was typical. The second one was excessive. At least GF is contributing something to the forvm though, even if its not "revolutionary." Well, color me surprised if grilling a readily available, commonly grilled meat is thinking outside the box.
Lamb isn't outside the box. You're not a revolutionary griller.
Also when you're Jay-Z they probably don't check either.
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