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Quote: Originally Posted by jaychiz where should i be looking for apartments? the office is just between Tigard and Beaverton it seems and i'd like to live somewhere near good food, produce and transit (or a $10 cab ride from all of the fun) Don't live in Tigard or Beaverton. I think the most popular is the Pearl District, lots of restaurants and bars you can walk to there. Caveat: I don't live in Portland. Brother lives in Portland and...
Le Pigeon and hipsters
Quote: Originally Posted by ama I don't believe that to be true. Saz 6 is probably the most popular rye on the market and with the current resurgence in rye I can't see it going anywhere. Its still plentiful in MN. Good to hear. I bought three bottles as a precaution. They will go to good use.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Is there really a regulation for this? If so, we are fucked for sure. I actually agree that Jack and Dickel are not bourbons but Tennessee Whiskey, but then again, I don't really get heartburn when people refer to them as such. There's more important things on the internets to argue about. According to Wikipedia there is. I read the regulation in question, and couldn't really tell where it said...
Quote: Originally Posted by randydjack Jack is a Tennessee Whisky, which isn't classified as a bourbon due to an extra step in processing and the usage of two percent more than the regulated limit of Corn. However, a Tennessee Whisky is known as a straight bourbon by NAFTA Be that as it may, I don't think it's inappropriate to show up in a Bourbon thread, as it's often classified as a bourbon in restaurants and bars despite its, as I said, extra dance...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 Speaking of ryes, I saw Rittenhouse 23 yesterday for like $150ish, was thinking about it. Anyone have any experience with that one? I just bought a bottle for $113 today, but have not tried it yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo How about cherries. I know you're fanatical about them. Any specific ones I should get? Amarena Fabbri cherries. You should also be able to find them at Williams-Sonoma if you have one near you. http://www.amazon.com/Amarena-Fabbri...1259347&sr=8-1
Quote: Originally Posted by NTexican Taking the family to Oahu next month. Splitting time between Moana Surfrider & Turtle Bay. Will report back with my experience. Stayed in a hotel in that area for about 3 weeks for work and could not wait to get into the corp apartment out of tourist central.
Food: go to Le Pigeon in Portland. Beast was OK, but I would have preferred another dinner at Le Pigeon. Despite what anyone might say, pass on Voodoo Doughnuts, those things are terrible. The Oregon coast is really nice and not too long a drive. Ecola State Park and Cannon Beach are right next to one another and are worth checking out. Go down to the Willamette Valley outside of Portland for some wine tasting. The Columbia River Gorge is a nice scenic drive and...
I get $30 for lunch everyday
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