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Before: wine/old fashioned/G&T After: Port
Quote: Originally Posted by IUtoSLU In Missouri we can buy wine, spirits and beer at grocery stores any time. I guess Georgia is not so open?? Beer and wine can be had at grocery stores, spirits have to be at a liquor store. And no retail alcohol sales on Sunday...pisses me off every time I think about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex Actually, if the pay was much higher for manual labor I'm one of those people who would probably do it. Beats sitting in front of a desk bored all day. I've got my flame suit on. QFT, and it would keep me in much better shape for mountaineering than sitting behind a desk staring at I-85/75 all day. Do boiled peanuts count as southern? Because I could go through a pound of those at a time.
Sweet tea is great.
Quote: Originally Posted by auto90403 Sorry, but when I joined SF, I promised to tell the truth. Hey, so did I. You're a bigot.
Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan if you are ever in chapel hill .... I grew up in the Triangle and went to school in Durham. Mama Dip's is awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Bullock's in east Cobb is fantastic.. That's well OTP, I try not to venture out there if at all possible unless I'm going hiking or to play racquetball. I would, however, consider it if they have Sazerac 18. Do you know if they have it?
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdykarim which one was it? my favorite in the city is probably agnes and muriel's, though i'm kind of an atlanta neophyte. QFT, which one? I find Mary Mac's to be somewhat hit or miss.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 nope, beer and wine only, have to go to a "package store" for spirits.. When I first moved to Atlanta I was driving around seeing "package stores" all over the place thinking, "WTF, does everyone run an eBay business in Atlanta?" I quickly learned and now Green's is tops for my package stores.
If I make it at home black from the french press, if at work with cream and sugar because Keurig makes a shitty cup. Zero to two cups a week at most, usually have Earl Grey, English Breakfast, green tea or some stuff called Awake that Tazo makes.
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