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Yeah, I've seen some older BV on winebid for pretty reasonable prices. I'm guessing if we go with something French we may have to order, as Denver doesn't have the best wine stores. Definitely open to ordering though.
What Manton said, soup, blend, and pass through a chinois. Should resolve the woody issue.
What's a solid choice for starting to collect a vertical? I'm getting married next year, and would like to start collecting a vertical for each year. Criteria are that it should be consistently solid (every wine has off vintages, but I'd prefer not to collect a bunch of vinegar), and should age well for an extended time, and shouldn't be outrageously expensive (maybe $200/bottle max). Some initial thoughts I had, and feel free to disagree, Rieussec sauternes (there's...
After butter poaching lobster, can I save the butter and use it for something else (or use it to poach again), or should it be tossed? If I can save it, should it only be used in something that will be cooked?
I'm in the Portland area for work during the week. Maybe I'll go try some. I've had some of their other ice creams before. It's good, but definitely not the best I've had.
If you like bitter, it's definitely up there towards the top of the bitter scale. The recipe can be found in Beta Cocktails, which is a great book if you want some more bitters focused cocktail recipes.
You asked for bars and drinks, you didn't state that the drinks had to be at the bars. Just have someone make it for you, or make it for yourself.
Eeyore's Requiem (from the Violet Hour in Chicago)1.5 oz Campari1/2 oz Tanqueray1/4 oz Cynar~1/4 oz Fernet Branca1 oz Dolin Blanc15 drops 50/50 bitters (mix of Regan's and Fee's orange bitters)Stir and strain into a coupe. Express the oil from 3 orange peels and discard.
Chartreuse offerings are more limited in the US, typically only yellow, green, and VEP.
Le Pigeon is my favorite in Portland. Check your PM.
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