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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Vinfanticide! Believe me, I know (did I not say I know it was young to drink?).
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 I did like hanging out in the highlands and L5P when I live there, but the problem is that those are two small areas out of a large city. The rest is mainly suburban sprawl filled with sports bars in strip malls, and the people who like to hang out in them. You have to search around to find gems like Northside Tavern on howell mill. And since they closed down Backstreet.... K I try not to go OTP...
I had the 2003 Croft Vintage a few months ago (yes, young to drink), but damn was it good. Got it for $50.
The Rittenhouse is good, not sure about Templeton.
Tanqueray Rangpur Lime is awful. Hendricks, Plymouth, Sapphire. Would like to try Junipero and I'll have to look into North Shore.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG Man...now I'm wanting some sweet tea. I'm going to have to see if I've got some bags and sugar. It might be time to brew some. Free sweet tea at MrG's house! You're in Atlanta, right? If so, I'm on my way over. You know what really pisses me off? Nice restaurants in Atlanta that don't have sweet tea. WTF, you're in the middle of the South, make some sweet tea, asshole. And no, unsweetened tea and...
At Myrtle Beach you can definitely spend some quality time with the GF...and every other NC/SC college student who just finished the school year. Have fun at that shitshow. I personally like Holden Beach in NC a lot and it's only about 60 miles from Myrtle if you wanted to check that out for a day. Bald Head Island could maybe be an option, you have to take a ferry and there are no cars, all golf carts.
Carpaccio, sushi (of all varieties), oysters
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro ^^good stuff yeah man, that was at Fort William, I can't remember for sure, but I think the beer was from Isle of Skye Brewing Company
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur So I am thinking about trying some rye - what are some good bottles in the $20-40 range? Sazerac 6 year old, ~$25
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