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Quote: Originally Posted by slycedbred i drank myself blackout style on woodford...Now my body makes me gag the moment it gets near me. I used to love it! What do I do, gentlemen? Grow a pair?
That was, a great story. Will read, again.
I think I might make carnitas tonight.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 PIMM'S CUPS! Damn redcoat. But since it's Wimbledon you get a pass for having Pimm's on the 4th, and they are a great summer drink.
I'm in Clarksville, TN, and have tomorrow to fill with doing something. Should I try to go to some distilleries in KY? Seems like most of them are 3-4 hours away, which doesn't really seem all that enjoyable to drive there and back. Anything closer to Clarksville or anything else I should consider doing?
Old fashioned with Amarena Fabbri cherries, Carpano Antica Formula, and Sazerac 6yr, followed by some Ron Zacapa.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Am surprised also! If the old stereotype that better wines need more age to reach their potential is true, it could be a reflection of the quality of that offering. WS seems to not be nuts about it, which may give that credence. ~ H Yep. I know the Croft got a 96 and is "best after 2015."
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman These are incredibly different styles -- bear in mind, the Tawny could be opened today, but the '03 would, er, not be at prime and would need like ten years minimum. ~ H I was surprised to see this at WS. Seems that the 03 Warre is going to be ready earlier or so the review says. Warre Vintage Port 2003 - score 89 "Lots of ripe fruit and licorice on the nose and palate. Medium- to full-bodied,...
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex wait what? Stating, that he is, vegan, automatically means that, he is, emaciated and possibly a dirty, hipster.
Quote: Originally Posted by denning Follow up to my previous query, looking to buy a bottle of port, and I have 2 choices both around $50 canadian: Warre's 2003 Vintage Port Burmester 20 year old Tawny Ruby and Tawny are so different, kind of depends on what you prefer.
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