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Old fashioned with Amarena Fabbri cherries, Carpano Antica Formula, and Sazerac 6yr, followed by some Ron Zacapa.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Am surprised also! If the old stereotype that better wines need more age to reach their potential is true, it could be a reflection of the quality of that offering. WS seems to not be nuts about it, which may give that credence. ~ H Yep. I know the Croft got a 96 and is "best after 2015."
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman These are incredibly different styles -- bear in mind, the Tawny could be opened today, but the '03 would, er, not be at prime and would need like ten years minimum. ~ H I was surprised to see this at WS. Seems that the 03 Warre is going to be ready earlier or so the review says. Warre Vintage Port 2003 - score 89 "Lots of ripe fruit and licorice on the nose and palate. Medium- to full-bodied,...
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex wait what? Stating, that he is, vegan, automatically means that, he is, emaciated and possibly a dirty, hipster.
Quote: Originally Posted by denning Follow up to my previous query, looking to buy a bottle of port, and I have 2 choices both around $50 canadian: Warre's 2003 Vintage Port Burmester 20 year old Tawny Ruby and Tawny are so different, kind of depends on what you prefer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman My dear sir! You are in the post-grad world of cocktails I see! Fabbri cherries and CA Formula! I'm impressed. What brought you to such a place? ~ H The cherries I think I saw someone on here mention, and the Carpano came out of me being sick of Martini & Rossi and wanting something better. Did some Googling on the interwebs and decided to try to find Carpano or Vya. Failed to find both for months,...
Not bourbon, but whiskey, made an Old Fashioned with Amarena Fabbri cherries, Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth, and Sazerac 6-yr tonight. Mighty tasty.
Ossobuco, polenta, asparagus with shaved pecorino and balsamic, baguette to spread the marrow on.
Quote: Originally Posted by scugger This seems to be the case in LA too. Also Farmer's markets have tons of hot chicks on saturdays and sundays. My farmer's market just has a bunch of old hags who don't know how to get the fuck out of my way. Going to the farmer's market always raises my blood pressure significantly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus Nope. I remember first putting my zero-degree-bag to use in zero-degree weather here in Georgia. The trick was to get everything done by dark and not get out of the bag until a bit after sun-break. Hot liquids (soup and tea), and layering can solve some of that. A bottle of hot tea inside your jacket is pretty nice. Where do you go for camping in GA? I'm looking for some decent (as decent as we can...
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