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Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 This oughtta hold me until Christmas time or so: Where in GA did you find that? I'm calling around Atlanta and can't find it anywhere. Just called eight stores, no luck. P.S. Hi Bob. (?)
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon For a slightly more upscale southern food experience, South City Kitchen in Midtown is great. (although it's been a few years since I've been) South City Kitchen is great. Didn't mention it because I don't really consider it soul food, but it's definitely a great option.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Or Clermont Lounge! Tell Blondie I sent you. Oh Clermont, that's about 4 blocks down from me on Ponce.
I had all four removed and was eating solids by the next day. Fresh mozzarella is is decently soft and can make a good meal.
Mary Mac
Yeah, would be nice, but I wasn't really planning on dropping $200 on a bottle. If someone wants me to pick up for them I can do that.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama I've been told its trickling out. So if your store doesn't have it yet, check back soon. I checked at two fairly large stores today (Tower and Green's in ATL) and neither had it or could say for sure if they would be getting any. Green's said there is a chance they will get some, but they don't know for sure, so I should check back every week or so. Green's did have some Pappy 23 year old and Hirsch 16 year...
Quote: Originally Posted by ama There are at lest 30 bottles at my place, if anyone want I might be able to act as middle man, time and energy permitting. I also tried it straight up this year as I do every year. This year is most chocolaty that I can recall, it tasted almost liqueur like until the intense alcohol burn kicked in. With a little water it rose to another level, chocolaty, leathery, nutty, chewy. Unbelievable. In short, it was one of the...
Where do you find the Stagg? I haven't seen it in any stores around me and every place online seems to be sold out of it all the time.
Old Crow and Coke...anyone? For some reason I actually don't mind the stuff, but I still have yet to figure out the reason.
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