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Quote: Originally Posted by why That's a pilsner? No. My lack of enthusiasm for pilsner could have led you to the conclusion that it wasn't. It is a great beer though. Worthington White Shield
Quote: Originally Posted by pscolari Victory Prima Pils. Great example of the style. Eh, pilsner. I had one of these in the UK a few weeks ago and am now on a mission to find it in the US, so far no luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by why It's not a devotion to Stella, it's an opposition to beer snobs. So what's actually wrong with Stella? 'It's like Miller but more expensive' isn't even a defensible argument unless you quite literally have no tongue to taste the obvious differences. Hell, I don't even think I need a tongue to taste the difference. Stella is better in every way. Your comparison to Pilsner Urquell (a beer similarly priced but...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Just a small timer here, only a six pack of Sea Smoke arrived today At least you got an allocation
2003 Croft Port
Stell is crap.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy is fresh tuna from the market/cold section expensive there? just wondering coz we've been eating grilled tuna bellies twice a week at home and they're quite inexpensive, plus we use the leftovers as base for tuna sandwich. Tuna steak is around $15+/lb from what I usually see/buy.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I don't remember exactly, but it was the best gravy I've ever had in my life. Didn't have anything to do with being drunk, did it?
Ron Zacapa is by far my favorite. Neat, never any other way. Zaya is also pretty good, but just can't stand up to the Zacapa.
Carnitas. Braise some boston butt for 3-4 hours, shred it, then back in the oven to crisp it up. Throw some chopped onion, cilantro, and tomatillo salsa on it in a corn tortilla.
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