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Bring me back some Worthington White Shield ale, I can't find it in the states.
Quote: Originally Posted by why I realize it's not 'processed' according to FDA definitions, but it's garbage made in a factory and extruded into rectangular bricks before being factory-sealed. It also tastes pretty much the same as the American deli brick, but at least is has some kind of semblance of cheese texture as weak as that is. This isn't snobbery or pretentiousness. That cheese is about as objectively close to garbage as flavor can...
I was going to go with the supersized cashier asking my roommate "So, you like it hot?" when he was buying peppers.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Okay, thanks for your definition. Clearly, this is distinct from the above. Yes, and clearly that's a block of cheddar cheese.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Cheese takes on a natural orange color as it finely ages in the Cracker Barrel for two days. I don't know how a 'block' of cheese does not qualify as 'processed', but then again I'm not a fine cheese foodie like yourself. Processed cheese is stuff like American cheese, Cheez Whiz, Velveeta, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by why It's pretty gross stuff. Completely processed, and even when it's 'homemade' it's just 'homemixed' processed cheese and mayonnaise. I'd rather eat fettesbrot or even just bread and butter. Yes, it's really only in the south. I don't miss it at all. You get a block of cheddar and grate it, that's not processed cheese, dumbass.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I feel really bad for places in the South that don't have good NY style 'za. I didn't realize Domino's has a new recipe though. I still don't see myself trying it. Thanks retard, but we don't need your pity. Plus, based on the pictures of the afterbirth you call your cooking, I don't think you're one to be judging food. There are, in fact, good pizza places in Atlanta.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrianVarick I don't think that guy up there ever made Lebowski the drink, he made it himself after he showed him the bar. Wrong. Jackie Treehorn made the Dude a drink and drugged it.
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