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Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar I must say, the diets of many on the show do seem pretty terrible. Loading up all of that food on the table and to see all of that fried golden brown was major ugh. any opinions as to why stuff like this happens? People get too lazy to cook anything? Corporate food mills working to change the American family diet in order to cash out on profits? (ironically enough, the Hulu ads during the show were for...
Why is the Mountaineer a female? Looks more like Pocahontas than what a "Mountaineer" should be. Go Duke.
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I bought some of those this past weekend.
Yes, and I would have told the reprimander to shut it. Go to the forums there and meet up with some DC people.
Buena Vista Social Club
Bring me back some Worthington White Shield ale, I can't find it in the states.
Quote: Originally Posted by why I realize it's not 'processed' according to FDA definitions, but it's garbage made in a factory and extruded into rectangular bricks before being factory-sealed. It also tastes pretty much the same as the American deli brick, but at least is has some kind of semblance of cheese texture as weak as that is. This isn't snobbery or pretentiousness. That cheese is about as objectively close to garbage as flavor can...
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