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The rye in the US is around $65-70, so it doesn't look like you're getting housed too much on it.
Duck confit hash from the Le Pigeon cookbook. Anyone else tried anything from it?
I saw that rose at the store last week but didn't grab one. Maybe I'll have to drop back to get one. We're about to head to California for a wedding, and will be visiting Ridge, Sojourn Cellars, Littorai, Copain, MacPhail, Schramsberg, Myriad, Seavey, Hendry, and possibly Alpha Omega. Should be a decent time. Dinners at Girl and the Fig, Bottega, Ad Hoc, and State Bird. Any suggestions for a dinner in the Carmel (by the sea) area? Or something in SF for a quick lunch...
Good call! I think Flaccianello could be thrown in that mix as well, and maybe Oreno. Definitely some barolos out there that could do well too.
No need for apologies, I just seriously doubt my ability to convince the other half to support that.
Looks like both are in the $300-400 range. I don't think I'm as baller as you yet.
Yeah, I've seen some older BV on winebid for pretty reasonable prices. I'm guessing if we go with something French we may have to order, as Denver doesn't have the best wine stores. Definitely open to ordering though.
What Manton said, soup, blend, and pass through a chinois. Should resolve the woody issue.
What's a solid choice for starting to collect a vertical? I'm getting married next year, and would like to start collecting a vertical for each year. Criteria are that it should be consistently solid (every wine has off vintages, but I'd prefer not to collect a bunch of vinegar), and should age well for an extended time, and shouldn't be outrageously expensive (maybe $200/bottle max). Some initial thoughts I had, and feel free to disagree, Rieussec sauternes (there's...
After butter poaching lobster, can I save the butter and use it for something else (or use it to poach again), or should it be tossed? If I can save it, should it only be used in something that will be cooked?
New Posts  All Forums: