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We ended up picking Monte Bello, 2014 futures order is in, thanks for the help!
Watch out for Vinotemp, they'll sue you if they don't deliver
We are putting together our registry, and I am sneaking stuff on it. What size VacMaster bags do you find the most useful, or should I get an assortment?
I usually add some duck fat to a pan, and start it skin side down on the stove for about 5 min, then flip to skin side up and into a 400 oven until warmed through and crispy
They do have a page (page 21 of the wine menu) of bottles under $50...
Anyone had Bomb! from Prairie? I picked up a couple of bottles tonight.
Found a bottle of the Four Roses LESmB tonight. Going to the store for beer after landing turned out better than expected.
No idea what the price was, everything was gone by the time I got there. I didn't get an email either, I just saw that it was up here. They were nice enough to send an email about some wine specials about two hours later though.
BTAC came and went on the PA website, bummer
Kentucky just got theirs today.
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