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Received a green grenadine tie for Xmas last night from my girlfriend. Great job Kent, thank you.
I've only been to Golden needle, Maria is great. It's usually runs me 100 to have the sides taken in on a jacket, so it's not cheap.
resurrecting this from the dead, going to NYC this week.
I am going to NYC for a vacation. When in a store like Tom Ford, is it kosher to take a picture of yourself in a suit to see how it looks, or this gauche? Also, any recommendations for places I should not miss (menswear wise) in NYC? EDIT: after reading and old (2007) NYT about poor service at the store, I'm not even sure I should walk into TF...thoughts?
Lol. Oh Chris Despos, how I pine for one of your custom made suits. One day, one day.
Wilfred Newman has a sale for one custom made suit for $445 on Gilt City Chicago. It doesn't look terribly impressive to me, maybe I am dead wrong.
Mention it to a SA and they will give you the discount without the code. I know the staff at the Chicago store are usually friendly and will help you out. Everything I want to buy (Belgrade Chelsea boots, even on sale) I cannot afford. Everything I can afford is nothing I would want to buy.
Unfortunately the shoulders cannot be fixed. Also if every single aspect of the suit needs to be taken in it's not worth it, even if the shoulder did fit. You'd need the pants slimmed, maybe tapered, the sleeves shortened, the back taken in, etc. The more ill fitting the higher the cost b/c the more work required. It may cost less than buying a new BB suit (Between 800 to 1200) but it won't be a good investment.
As stated earlier RLBL staple suits do not go on sale in the RL store. They were on Gilt for 500 in 2010, IDK if they ever will be again. Honestly, they are rare to find in sizes 36-38 on styleforum, and even more rare in a staple color. They are quickly snapped up. I looked for one for awhile online, but had no success. I bought one in charcoal, the results can be seen here: The response...
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