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doucal's for £135 on yoox. thinking of getting them as an alternative to the katahdin engineer boots:
thanks. i'll give this a shot.
thanks. i train free and fly, getting somewhat into im. i guess that i need to eat more and do some weight training. i definitely do not want to get bulky, and frankly, i'm not that interested in weights; i'd rather swim.
would you recommend bulking or cutting for a swimmer? i don't have much mass, and while i'd like to reduce my body fat percentage, my first goal is to improve my sprint times.
when you swim, how many meters do you do and how much do you eat? i'm still trying to figure out how much to eat. i'm up to 4300-4500 calories now, i think. swimming makes you eat like crazy.
definitely keep swimming. 4000 meters today. trying to mix in some backstroke and breaststroke to the usual freestyle and fly.
they seem nice. you make me want to get new goggles.
are those falling apart? how are the racing goggles? it's a pity that there are no optical racing goggles. i've ordered some new toys: finis agility paddles and finis positive drive fins.
unfortunately, there are no goggles with a cylinder. how bad is your sphere? maybe you can get away with normal goggles (and save some money). my normal eyeglass prescription has a slight cylinder, but a sphere of -5, so i need optical goggles (to see the clock, etc.).
nice. what do you think of them? i'd like some optical swedish goggles, but i don't think that they exist.
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