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Did you sell the Tetbury?
Hi there. Will you take $75 for them? Understand though if that is too low. I am not quite sure of the fit.
To charactarize a whole team as losers is an interesting viewpoint. Spoken like a Montreal fan caught up in the rivaly. Lucic's display of unsportsmanship does say something about him. But I really dont think people can say that Rask, bergeron, Iggy and most of the othrs are losers. I remember Lebron James storming off the court a few years ago not shaking anyone's hand. Its an emotional time. These guys dont always make the best choices. Congrats to Montreal. ...
Mark, I think we are saying the same thing. Although, if it is your grandparents, I am not sure you would say a little popcorn thrown and some taunts is overblown. You and I may think it is small, especially compared to a Giants fan getting beaten at Dodger stadium. But its Lucic's family, so he will overreact, like many of us would. Anyway, I get his why he is over emotional his family. But he is in his mid 20s, old enough to have a more mature perspective. The bad...
Thorton is appealing. He is a fighter but as always been known as a clean player. Regardless, he let his emotions get in the way and he will pay a long price as his reputation is very damaged. I think 15 games is fine. Neal deserved more but NHL does factor in injury to the other player. Neal is a dirty player. And Marchand is a rat as well. he crossed the line in Vancouver the other night. kessler called him classless and he is right. Meanwhile, Vancouver gets...
As much as Patriots may want 'revenge, I think Giants are on a great roll and have a defense playing very well. They have more weapons on offense and they get way more pressure on QB than Patriots do. Giants won regular season match up and are healthier now. Plus, I think their run through NFC was tougher than Patriots through AFC.
Classy post
The writers have been somewhat consistent in not voting for pitchers through the years. Of course there have been a few MVP pitchers but there has been a number of years where you can make the arguement that the pitcher should have won. There is a lot of debate in how various writers define "most valuable". But they do like teams that win and Verlander was dominant this year. Congrats to him. Granderson, Ellsbury had good years but they were not a clear cut above the...
Good for Braun on MVP. Kemp was good candidate as well. I think the slate for Al was not as strong which is a big reason Verlander won it. It does make past voting (Like Pedro) suspect.
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