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what jeans is that Orlando's wearing? really like the color. fit looks pretty good too.
^^ if you can get the A1923 lace up similar in price as the Guidi, I'd go for the A1923. Simone's recent work on footwear is second to none. i find A1923 seems to have more of a handmade artisan look and feel to it than Guidi's. fit is tts.
Great to see a CCP thread on SF. previous discussion regarding the dead-end jeans. I think they're still made. highly recommend it. it's a staple for CCP collectors.
the guy appears to be a mountain biker as well. snuck in a nice crankset for sale as well.
^^ the Dior Jake is one of my favorite jeans. SLP is over rated. great price on that IE pants. i really like that fabric.
i'm keenly interested in that high top. price is reasonable too. Need to get my arse to the city and check them out.
eating chow mein out of those lunch boxes always tastes better to me than on a fancy dish. maybe he likes that.
That's funny!
i'd keep it and use it as beater boots. Guidi has some great stuff out there. but unless you need the funds for Guidi, I'd just keep this one and buy Guidi.
taking price out of the equation as they're both similar in price, I like IE for its construction and fabric. Luc also has some great fabric. But the seams always seem to blow. And that's sizing up one.
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