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^^ not feeling it! But your workboot a few pages back is absolutely sick!!!
That's a beautiful color NN. i'm the last person to know anything about styling and aesthetic. But, I like the look of the bulbuous toebox on slimmer jeans/pants. also for such beautiful color boots NN, I'd either pair it with all black or lighter shades of jeans for the summer. perhaps even those beat up PRPS. that jacket is pretty slick nonetheless.
MGHM - i would've liked it better if the MMM was splattered on white. splattered on white brings out the idea better imo. Agreed with earlier poster about the PH's sole. It just seems a bit off to me. Louboutin's top just seems too busy for the wrong reason. I can the reason for the design. but that's pretty baller if someone can pull it off. btw, funny to have seen those on the baller boots thread.
Keep @eton. totally keep!!
I have an older Augusta Horween cordovan boots that I consider my grail purchase. The leather and shape of that boots is perfect for me. I'm very envious of that Mmoria boots Uzairh got. Looks like it will age well.
Eck just corrected me. these are not reverse cordovan. but rather full grain Guidi cordovan that was special ordered. So @AlexanderTG, sorry for my mistake.
^^ beeswax...hmm. interesting. luckily most of the footwear brands here I have do not bother me so much @Abraxis. this layer-0 fits perfect in every way to me. really dig this derby atm. and I know what you mean about the scrab on the ankle. my more formal cordovan dress derbies did that to me. i use bandaids.
love that washi bro. and you're right, it probably would go well with it as i have the Luc jumper on today.
no, they were released by Layer 0 a couple years back. Limited to only 10 I think. Mine is #2 of 10. Reversed cordovan. here's the write up from PNP...
^^ thanks D!
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