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these are the ones guy. i'll list it later this weekend. bought it new and have worn it less than 10 times if at all.
my wife thinks i'm nuts for buying these shoes and boots in this thread. she always asked, which garbage can did i fetch them out of every time. so perhaps this is not the right thread to seek advice in claire.
that renna boots is perfection. so much better than the previous calf version i have. great kopping E. now, why the workboots and MA+ are not selling is beyond me. price is more than fair.
that is a hell of a deal. i have a similar derby from that season and is by far one of my favorite.
yup! they are. I've also been eyeing those; but since I also want your boots Eck, must resist.
when I saw these, my first thought was Mmoria. Yes, I realize the shapes and last are different. But really admire what Eton did to these boots. They are definitely perfect in every aspect. problem now is that I want one.
that does look perfect Eton. now if someone would tell the ebay world to stop low balling on my glove high neck so that I can use the funds that cors high neck.
^^ that looks lovely. if there's a work boots to get, that would be it.
^^ nice Panerai. why sell it?
^^ ask Holger for some measurements and check against yours. then throw up here for the experts to help you. the folks on here are very experience to help. and Holger is a great guy.
New Posts  All Forums: