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I have the one-piece derbies. If you're thinking about that pair from SZ, go for it. That's a great price given what it was going for when first released. I like everything about the one-piece derbies. The leather is soft yet it doesn't feel cheap. The leather is of high quality - substantial and feels solid to the touch. Overtime, it will mold to your feet. there is some evidence of fades though out over time which give it a nice patina of black/brown/dark grey.
Sinnedk - backlash moto looks good. don't have experience with backlash leather but i hear they're solid for the money. Eck had a Molino once. ping him for fit and feedback. i have a high neck intarsia in lamb. fit is slim but great. construction is average. leather is great being that it's unstructured and soft so it molds well to your body.
here's one of the best fit imo of the glove high neck - from Lift.jphttp://lift-net.co.jp/images/focus/two/01.html
^^ well if that's the case, you should buy my CCP leather I've listed for sale. that is if you're a 48. sorry for shameless plug.
BruceWayne - you should also purchase within your allowed budget. There will be other jacket later on when you have more funding and it will also look awesome on you.
yea. crazy price is it? what do you think of the quality? say compare to Dior's if you have any?
please help me ID these selvedge? are they the skinny or slim version - 15.5 or 17.5cm? i know that BG says that they're skinny. but the picture looks like they're the straight version. http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/Saint-Laurent-Skinny-Selvedge-Jeans/prod84500023/p.prod?ecid=BGCIGoogleProductAds&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=prod84500023skuDARKNAVY price is great.
what he said. If it wasn't for this chance in a lifetime bike frame to purchase, I would probably never sell these boots as they are a personal grail to me. and beside for the current season Augusta boots and/or MA+, I haven't seen anything close to these Carpe. sorry for the shameless plug.wish i didn't sell my sneakers from that 1st season.
i highly recommend this if it fits you. price is a little whack imo. but it's truly one of my favorite - overall shape and leather is outstanding. and it does look like not many were made.
Eck, Wormwood. Great boots! I'm a big fan of the the classic CD bubble toes.
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