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^^ that looks lovely. if there's a work boots to get, that would be it.
^^ nice Panerai. why sell it?
^^ ask Holger for some measurements and check against yours. then throw up here for the experts to help you. the folks on here are very experience to help. and Holger is a great guy.
^^ think I saw it. sick boots!
guy has good taste in watch...
that's pretty awesome!!!
I've always liked that leather on you D. I just can't pull it off since Eck mentioned that it's too long for my short body.
those boots are absolutely sick! imo, they are better in quality and construction than many of the CD workboots Eck has. if i didn't already have my unworn boots and derbies, i would have already taken them.
Psydle - those look great. Really like the matte reversed leather. I think the will age very well with wear and the brown underlining color of the leather will add character to the boots.
you should try calf on MA+ footwear Sinnedk. one of my favorite derby is an MA+ one piece fold. the leather is soft and supple. molds really well to the feet. and, it ages beautifully.
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