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Ja. Me = PA 11 D US and C&j 337 10 E UK
Just my two cents: 11D - AE Leeds 10,5D - Alden Barrie -------- 10E - C&J 337 (6x), 341 (2x), 325 (3x), 236 (1x)................
This price list was postet end of 2007 on the french shoe-forum "De pied en Cap". by courtesy of member chatolufsen.
Audley 337 10E - PA 11D
Quote: Originally Posted by sf_esq Chestnut appears to be a greater contract to either Beechnut or Dark Brown. That chestnut Westbourne is next on my list. Love that shoe.
Shipping World Wide
Roetzel on YouTube:
Quote: Originally Posted by Smahatma None of the new 337s? there aren´t any new styles on the 337-last in the 2009 c&j retail catalogue.
heidi, ich liebe dich !
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