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[quote=SoCal2NYC;1666296]Breaking them in Say what you want, but SoCal definitely has an amazing sense of humor !
Lyon is great, you´ll enjoy your stay ! If you are looking for high-end shoes, you have to check out Upper-Shoes. They provide everything from C&J to Pierre Corthay. The sales staff at Upper-Shoes is great.
Decisions, decisions. Right at the start, I wouldn´t invest in a pair of Black handgrades. If it´s black, it´s black. Have you looked at the Hallam ? The Westfield is also available in Black. However I strongly recommend the Audley in dark brown antique: high quality brown leather + the shoe is very versatile. 1.Buy -Dark Brown Audley -Black Hallam / Westfield (-Chestnut Westbourne) IMO, Westbourne in Chestnut + Blue Jeans = good combination..........
I´d say Ja. I wear : AE - Leeds, MacNeil, Bradley: 11 D US Alden - Barrie Last: 10,5 D US Church´s: Last 73 and 100: 10 F UK
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 I can't believe that after 12 replies nobody said to GET BOTH. Ja. You Take Them Both !! my choice: the Audley in Dark Brown, goes with virtually everything. the Belgrave in Black, the perfect black business shoe.
[quote=AnGeLiCbOrIs;1658075]You can try the BB Black Fleece longwing. They are $400. They are mdae on the Grant last which fits me much better than the Barrie. Only available in black. AnGeLiCbOrIs, interesting point. I have the Alden Longwing on the Barrie last. Could you comment on the fit Grant vs. Barrie. Do you wear the same size etc. ? Thanks.
HomerJ & rebel222 *great items *excellent service *good comms *well packaged *ultra rapid delivery ___ thank you ___
Quote: Originally Posted by IUtoSLU A martini: Rinsed glass with M&R dry vermouth (blech, but not too bad here) 2 oz Junipero 2 Dashes Fee Bro's orange bitters Tastes great. The perfect Martini Le Lion - Bar de Paris - Hamburg
Quote: Originally Posted by randallr I was under the impression Versace was in some serious financial trouble. Oh dear. And I had so much fun hanging out with Donatella in Saint Barths over Christmas....
The Land Rover Defender, of course they are made by BMW, aren´t they ?
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