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^^Josef S. has obtained the title "Desert Batterer" - no clue what this means, but see how awful he´s treating tiny little brutes like "beachez". http://josef-seibel.mybrute.com/fight/449691322
Here is another new model: BMW X1. In the mail today: http://www.bmw.de/de/de/newvehicles/...xperience.html
^poor brute "endovascular" beaten by Josef S. It took him 10 seconds and 4 hard punches to kick her out of the arena........ http://josef-seibel.mybrute.com/fight/427247388
My C&J Finsbury in Chestnut. No flash.
Horween Factory Tour Video. http://www.prosieben.de/wissen/multi...oplayer/63419/
This weeks No.1 on BBC - Radio 1 : Tinchy Stryder Ft N-Dubz - "Number 1" The piece is a mixture between Rap , Britpop and Easy Listening musik............ http://www.playlist.com/searchbeta/results/748063249 Trinchy Stryder is the guy on the left next to the trio N Dubz.
^ The "Volks-Porsche" (Concept BlueSport): technique by Volkswagen and design by Porsche. Rollout planned for 2012........ Remember, in the late 60ies, VW & Porsche build the 914.
Ludwig Reiter offers some nice Norwegian splits......... (no sure who originally posted this pic)
The tan Cliffords = my favorite summer-shoes. Nice choice. I use Saphir Medium Brown. Mine after 3 jears of intense wear.
I like this one / page 2 Missed a Spot: 1920
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