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ja. happy new year to all of you......
Happy new year ! Champagne Brut Tradition Jakob Robert, MERREY-SUR-ARCE
here once again the bog by m. fan, marvelous pics from inside marinella: on ebay. hopefully c&j will follow one day.
bizarre.......opening the auction it indicates immediateley 40$ for s+h to germany. the same price is indicated for shipping to the cayman islands and even western samoa, which sounds quite fair to me. indeed, shipping for the usa is indicated by 20$: sending out parcels to the usa from time to time, i found out, you have to calculate a minimum of €24,-- (35$)! - this sounds more like a technical problem to me..... -- apart therefrom: quite nice boots.............
hello, has someone a clue if shelves are stuffed sound at the moment?
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