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I am wondering what the fit is like for charles tyrwhitt "slim fit" cut long sleeve shirts. Are they slim only in comparison to their regular fit shirts (ie Brooks Brothers slim fit)? or are they slim like shirts from banana republic or boss? There are a couple of casual shirts I am interested in that are on clearance right now, but I can't decide on getting size small or medium.. For reference, I am 5'8", 165... with a little bit of a gut, so I can't get away with...
nice shirt... what is the condition? how is it cut?
what is the texture on the polo blazer buttons? it almost looks as if there is a face on there... nice stuff, very fair prices
so these are gunmetal/mirror grey? Are they as reflective as they look like in the pic? ps, they don't look bad at all, i would keep them.
I am just wondering which brand makes the best, reasonably priced, non-iron/wrinkle-free chinos. The one's I am currently considering are the usual suspects: Gap, Dockers, Slates, Nordstrom Brand, Brooks Brothers... Are the Brooks Brothers pants worth double the price of a pair of Dockers? Are there any other brands that make a high quality pair that I am neglecting? And yes, I ONLY want wrinkle-free pants. (go bears)
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 I'm not sure of too many but Lupe Fiasco's Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor is pretty damned good. Certainly in a top ten of someone's I would think. b I 2nd that.. I have also had the red hot chilli peppers, stadium arcadium, in my car's cd changer since it came out.
I am interested. can you post exact measurements? (I normally wear a 10D). also, please post more pics (eg of the sole, and close-ups) so we can get better feel of the condition of the shoes. Thanks
I am in the market for a new wristwatch, and had a few questions that I was hoping you all could help answer. I want a watch for every day wear, that can be dressed up or casual. I have pretty much narrowed down my choices to Seiko kinetic and Citizen ecodrive, as I like the convenience of not having to get new batteries, as well as the fact that they both have good warranties. Anyways, here are the questions: Which brand is considered to be more...
i thought the outlet brand is lauren by ralph lauren. I am pretty sure the polo stuff is legit, as the price of a polo shirt at the outlet is still $45, i believe. There is no different tagging ala j. crew, banana, BB, etc.
These are a few random ones that have popped in unannounced in the past couple weeks, that I immediately had to download OMC- How Bizarre Chumbawumba- tubthumping Mr. Big- to be with you ...and buttloads more...
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