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ordered them in brown last week. love them! [first pair of AEs for me] they didn't have them in 10D, so ordered them in 10C. Either AE has one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever tried, or I may have been a 10C the whole time and just bought medium width shoes out of habit
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu a tie knot bigger than the collar, classy. first thing that crossed my mind is that it actually looks like the collar is choking on the knot
Just snagged a nice linen jacket, and while it's not yet warm enough to break it out here in the northeast, I was wondering what some of your favorite combos are. For instance [just looking in my closet]: off white linen jacket with cream linen pants - too close in color? too linen suit-y? suitable with white/powder blue seersucker pants? too ugly with nantucket reds? [i'm aware of a general SF hatred of these pants] And yes, I've check out the wayw thread, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl Suit looks good. Not a fan of the tie though. Thanks - as for the tie, I just grabbed the first one on hand. I realized it's too casual/skinny for a conservative suit like this after I looked at the pics.
Alright, so I'm debating whether or not to keep this great suit I picked up from another member on the board. It's clearly the nicest one I've had my hands on, and wonder if I can get this looking perfect with some tailoring. I was thinking of possible shortening the jacket 3/4"-1" - also, is it possible/advised to cinch the waist of the coat at all or to slim the pants? Or if I'm asking all of this should I just get a slimmer cut to begin with [I really do love the fabric...
so i managed to get a sweet broken in pair of white-soled quoddy boat shoes from my father the shoes look perfect on the outside, but the leather insoles are pretty much shot. can anyone recommend a good replacement insole? or should i just take these to a cobbler? i'm not looking for anything too extravagant, since i intend to beat the crap out of these
Not sure if this is the best thread to ask this in, but does anyone know of good thrifting in Philly? I live in Center City and have yet to stumble upon a halfway decent store [and feel guilty going to NYC just to thrift, since I see friends there so infrequently as is] In case any Philly thrifters think I'm going to scoop up their goodies, I'm a 36r suit, 15x33 shirt, and 30x32 pant [so now you can tell me your great spots].
So probably a stupid question, but picked up a few of the TM Lewin slim fit Windsor collar shirts. I've never bought a shirt with this kind of collar before and the spread is wider than I'm used to. Obviously a Windsor knot would work, but is there anything else I can try as well? Is a half Windsor too small in that spread? Do people wear it sans tie, open at the collar ever, or does this look strange? Still love the shirts - fabric rocks, and the fit is slim without being...
A couple central NJ stores still have the banded stone links in yellow/orange and purple. Let me know if you want exact locations [did manage to snag a pair of red elephants over the holiday ]
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