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PM sent on the Varvatos boots
To resurrect an old thread: Invited to a wedding in Houston, TX a couple weeks from now - as you might imagine from this thread's title, it's "cocktail attire." Going straight from the church [Catholic] round 6p to the cocktail-type reception afterwards. Again, it is Houston at the tail-end of summer. Suggestions? My only 'summer-weight' suit is a khaki-colored BB number, though I have a nice mix of weather appropriate odd jackets and trousers. Would either be too...
Nice little Saturday: YSL navy blazer - nice and slim, don't think it's too old Lanvin tuxedo - I know they're known mostly for their silk [and perfume], but opinions on their other men's items?
cheestesteaks are late night eats for boys real men consume a philly taco take one super large slice of lorenzo's pizza [south st] - wrap around cheesesteak of choice [jim's across the street if going for convenience] - attempt to eat while still maintaining self respect [in all seriousness, get tony luke's italian steak - cheesesteak w/ broccoli rabe and ridiculously sharp provolone]
So I realize on my trip to Asia next week I'm eschewing that sartorial mecca of Hong Kong, but I'm wondering if there are any tailors I should take advantage of while I'm over there. Not looking for anything too complicated [no transformer-suits or anything], just a conservative but well-fitting suit or two. I'm hoping to get something MTM/bespoke for a better price than OTR here. Possibly even some shirts if they come recommended. Can anyone point me in the right...
definitely interested shoot me a pm if this if becomes available at the given price
PM sent!
may i ask how wide the ties are? thanks!
I'd definitely be interested if you could give shoulder and sleeve measuerments for both suit and odd jacket - thanks!
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