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Some things I wanted, not permanent collection, haven't gone on yet though.
When will the web store have a sale?
Might be the best one yet.
I wonder if many of the people that wear SLP now even know who the Libertines or the Rakes or any of the other bands that Hedi championed at DH are, or if they even listen to music like that.
The main zip does seem like it could have been replaced, the rest are all pretty heavily tarnished.
SLP all day
Can anyone here help me correctly identify the maker of this jacket? I bought it this past week from a leather jacket seller at London's Spitalfields Market on antique day. The tag had been removed and the rest of the jacket is just as perfectly worn in. Thanks in advance! Red nylon lining, but with purple lining the pockets. An idea of how big the tag was can be seen here. Newey press studs, which I assume may be common. YKK zippers throughout. Bonus fit pic:
The FB group is great. Lot of knowledgable dudes and good sense of camaraderie especially against scammers etc.
New Posts  All Forums: