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that knit looks mighty delicate. can i get a hug too?
The Archive in San Francisco stocks a few pieces, but it's not really extensive. I bought my CP Company coat from there. Call and ask for what they have I guess.
I feel like being useful. I need to know if you are fat or not-- i.e., do you have a fat round face, or a not fat round face? I think it makes a difference.
Wrong, unless youre nicole richie.
dont worry. i know where shasta comes from. says a lot. HEHE
oh yeah, i forgot that you go to the 99 cent store.
free bump for you, but it really annoys me that you can't be assed into wiping off those goddamn finger prints.
I think any competant optometry office can create custom suntinted lenses with uv A/B-ray resistance, anti-glare, etc etc. it's all just an issue of whether or you want to pay for it, and that service doesn't come cheap. it can be as expensive as a pair of ray bans, it all depends. I'm assuming you want some normal sized black plastic frames, right?
so did you ever go on your trip?
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