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Fair enough. My initial response was a bit flippant.
His look is basically Thom Browne+incongruous shoes (often workboots)+vintage-y, workwear fabrics+a dash of camo+(often) oversized sunglasses....
No. Not at all.
+1. His sense of style is dreadful.
Definitely interested. PM me the measurements? Any other photos?
Uhhhh. Wow. Amazing texture. Price (if you don't mind)?
This is clearly the wrong board for this, but yes; it looks to be authentic.
Hallak for jackets/overcoats. Sure it's expensive, but they do a nice hand press and will follow directions.
Bought this jacket a few days ago, and it arrived yesterday. The finishing is amazing. https://morigimilano.com/Tailored-Clothing/La-Vera-Sartoria-Napoletana-Brown-Gingham-Sportcoat/prod_162.html
BB used to sell a nice one (made in italy). I don't know if they still stock it.
New Posts  All Forums: