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Two sources are For touching up, you'll want a fine grit. I have the 1500 fine grit from the first link. It's surprising how much metal these things can take off. Rough would be for starting from scratch with a dull blade.
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Problem with Target is the sizing, mainly. For those of us who don't have a local target that stocks anything but poly blends, the web site does not offer a good selection. They have four wool fabrics - gray pinstripe, navy solid, black pinstripe and taupe - and only the gray pinstripe has size 38 or 40 jackets at all! The others start at 42T and only have regular height starting with 44R. Maybe this is temporary, but I think I saw the same thing when I looked months ago.
Target does not stock wool suits at all locations. Some only have poly blends (poly/wool or poly/rayon, I can't remember, but it's about 65% poly). You may have to go through their web site, though I remember not seeing all sizes available through the web. I just got a Lands' End suit, in charcoal. Whatever they tell you on these forums, finding good solid charcoal suits at a discount is HARD. You might have it easier at 40R. LEs are all wool, and they are pretty...
Even if it's just a few inches? I've heard of Tiecrafters, but most of the *ties* aren't worth $20 I suppose I'll just have to pay more attention to length when buying.
How do you shorten a tie? Assume a run of the mill lined tie, and no alteration to the thickness in the middle - just chopping off the small end. Is it just a matter of taking out the holding stitch a few inches from the end, unfolding a bit, chopping off and re-hemming? Or is there more to it?
I've been watching the Lands' End web site as they roll out some new spring stuff. Finally, there are some good solid ties that are not upside-down sock style. The ties page now makes a bigger deal of their ties being hand-stitched. They are also cut on the proper bias. Can anyone here who has both LE ties and some "high-end" ties comment on the quality? I have a couple but other than that I only have cheap discounter ties Second, LE now has pocket squares! I think...
Thanks for the responses. The Canalis on BlueFly look tempting; I think I overlooked them because I was looking only at 2-button suits. Maybe that's picky, but for $1,000 I feel kind of picky. I'll keep checking STP every so often. I suppose there is an alternative to the options I listed off at the beginning of the first post: get bigger. If I could work my way up to a 40 or 42, it seems more options would open up. I've been meaning to work out more, anyway.
OK. There are about a gazillion posts here advising the purchase of a solid gray suit, and I know I need one or two. But where do people here recommend obtaining said suit, when it's hard to find at the usual discount sources? Ideally, I'm looking for something relatively slim and waist-surpressed, though businesslike, with higher armholes. Budget: as low as practical for quality, but potentially a grand if it's worth it, I only get the one, and I talk myself into...
Mora Cap-toe, but it's a double-monk. I do wish they made a single-monkstrap with a plain or cap toe. I also asked one of their salespeople if they might ever come out with a jodhpur boot, but he laughed and said it wasn't likely, and that the double-monk pictured above was a stretch for AE, stylistically.
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