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Can't be the (only) reason; Germany also had 15/20/25 in the ENJOYCOLORS discount.I have accounts on the German, Belgian, French and Italian site and have often wondered about the price differences and discounts given. The French seem to get the worst deal in general with many items and brands more expensive than to addresses in Germany, Belgium and Italy. Also, sometimes I notice that items which have been discounted on the other sites are still the original price on YOOX...
So I've put the whole RO coat thing on ice for the time being and instead have set my sights on this intarsia: http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/men/Rick-owens-leather-jacket-vintage-effect-art27538.html Only available in size S any more though. Does anybody have one in S and can confirm measurements? The Web site gives measurements but not sure they can be trusted - the length seems to vary rather enormously (9 centimetres from S to XL).
I have various merino-wool T-shirts. Problem is they seem to be available mostly from outdoor/climbing etc. apparel suppliers (Icebreaker, Bergans, Ortovox) and look it, so outside of sports and hiking activities I wear them only if they disappear more or less completely under the next layer. Which is not the case if the next layer is a V-neck jumper or a cardigan.
Thanks guys. Personally I think the taller the wearer the more important it is for a suppressed waist to sit low - in other words, I'm not a big fan of this look: http://www.yoox.com/us/41457322GM/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=41457322GM&sizeId= I think it looks unbalanced on somebody as tall as that model. Also, the same coat appears to be available on YOOX US (not on the European YOOX sites...
Currently thinking about getting this cashmere coat from last autumn/winter: ...but new to RO and have a few questions: - his leather jackets always seem to run very skinny; are his wool/cashmere coats equally close-fitting? - is it just me or is this coat quite high-waisted? The belt seems to be higher than where most people's natural waist would be any input much appreciated
Jacket looks great to me. Imagining that jacket one size down feels uncomfortable.If those are "baggy pants" to you, you haven't seen baggy pants yet.
As with everything discussed in this forum, it's a question of value-for-money, which so many people on SF keep forgetting.I trust Chan makes better shirts than Sam's (haven't tried Chan), but at a completely different price point as well. I have a Sam's shirt which cost next to nothing - something like the equivalent of 30 euros, if I remember rightly - and while the fit is questionable, the fabric and the construction are not bad at all considering the price. So my...
You would probably elicit more favourable replies (or more interest anyway) with these items in the streetwear forum. Having said that, I am generally an admirer of all things Alex Wang but not sure about those shoes (are they even from a collection since he took over?).
Perhaps that I stopped thinking in extremes. A few years back, my options were more limited (not least financially speaking), and I have always been a difficult fit, so I preferred getting inexpensive suits from tailors in Asia who would give me a good fit - albeit made from cheap-ish fabrics - over getting a truly awful fit (possibly butchered even further by bad alterations) in an equally inexpensive department-store suit made from marginally better fabric. Nowadays, my...
I used to think like this; I don't any moreit's *at the very least* fit=fabricbut probably evenfabric>fit
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