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Did you see finished or semi-finished suits or jackets for other customers anywhere in his shop? If he can't show you at least some work-in-progress for other customers I wouldn't do it. 1800 is a lot of money for a leap of faith.
Quote: Originally Posted by CMD.EXE Still, I maintain the fact that things that are cheap in the states like water, in Europe can be expensive. Just like other things, as you go on to point out yourself, which are cheap in Europe can be expensive in the US. I think people have a natural tendency to think of their own country as more comfortable and rather easy to live compared to places abroad. If you move to another country you'll always...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylish Pilot I'm assuming you sending in an application or resume, the company doing a background check on your passport, and finding out you're on a tourist visa No need for any background checks. Your resume tells them you have non-EU citizenship so you will be asked to produce a valid work visa before you get a work contract. No visa, no contract.
Quote: Originally Posted by CMD.EXE My first experience with Europe that was really eye opening was the fact that its cheaper to drink wine than it is to drink water. Its just basics like those that make the US very comfortable. nonsense do you mind telling us what colour the sky is in your world
Quote: Originally Posted by Working Stiff John Cale - Paris 1919. Which other albums of his should I listen to? Not necessarily in this style . Helen of Troy is a very good album imo.
Did you d/l the new song "Lights" that they gave away on their Web site? Good stuff - if the rest of the album is like that, it would be an improvement over the last couple of albums in my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I don't understand why Street Spirit is famous but Black Star doesn't get as much love. Superior song imo. +1,000! Black Star is one of my favourite crank-up-the-volume songs of all time. There are few others songs I have listened to as many times as this one. That said, I voted OKC. I also agree with whoever said the slobbering of Pitchfork et al over every new RH release is tiring. Post-OKC RH...
Great hint Movin, you're the best! There is a SCART connector. I've just tried and it works with an adapter from SCART->RCA! The best thing is I discovered I already had that kind of adapter from a previous application, except I never thought to use it for signal output. That settles the matter, thanks for the help!
Looks very nice even at this stage! Looking forward to seeing the final result. Is it just me or could the pockets be just a little higher? Hard to make it out on this picture...
otc, there are definitely neither RCA jacks nor a headphones out. The device was 225 euros and has built-in DVB-T *and* built-in DVD - they had to cut corners somewhere. Getting an external DVD player makes the built-in one redundant but it's still the easiest and least costly solution short of returning the TV set to amazon and looking for a whole new combination of TV + DVD player (and that's just too much hassle).
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