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anyway I'm off to Antwerp now for some good ol' b&m shopping will make it a point to count how much I try on vs. how much (if anything) I buy
Has it occurred to you guys that perhaps you're just an easy fit (or easier fits than other people anyway)? I'm a pretty difficult fit - lengthwise I could easily wear XL, but p2p I need a size S or at the most M. I won't go through my whole Yoox history again but I'll go out on a limb and say that maybe half of my Yoox returns have been pants and sleeves which were too short. This is something Yoox is especially good at: when every once in a while they have a pair of...
I don't think your sarcasm is justified. Clothes are not books or CDs; how do you expect people to buy them online as if they were? It's only natural for products which have to be tried on (and touched) to know if they please to generate a lot more returns than computer monitors or airline tickets. And yet online retailers expect the same clientele who in b&m stores are used to buying 1 out of 4 items taken into a fitting room to somehow behave more responsibly online when...
I concede most of these points. The only thing that I think is irrelevant here is the "returning-half-of-that" part (don't quite understand why you felt the need to point that out tbh). I can tell you with fair certainty that my returns ratio is nothing to do with how much I order in absolute terms. I'd have returned 50 per cent if I'd ordered "only" for 4.5k, or for 450 euros for that matter. That's just the way I shop.I actually think 50 per cent returns is very...
I did resolve a month or two ago to post more in that thread and less in this one (i.e. buy less and wear more what I have). Haven't really followed up on it, but good that you remind me.
I used to think that on-line stores in the EU couldn't do that, but recently I discovered that stormfashion (in Copenhagen) officially refuses returns of any discounted item (it's explicitly in their terms and conditions) - reason why I hesitated for what felt like years before getting a pair of Raf Simons pants from them recently (luckily they turned out long enough).Maybe it's because it's Denmark what with their millions of EU treaty opt-outs.
As far as I know they do, provided things arrive back with them before they end their sales.I believe they also re-offer unsold/returned sales stuff in the following sales period as they do on the US site, if you can wait that long.
I really think it should go without saying that the seller pays the return postage if they sent you a faulty item, independent of whether you benefited from free shipping. @Tiamig I'd contest that deduction.I do like Matches on the whole, but they seem rather uptight sometimes about getting every penny out of you. I happened to place my first-ever order with them on a Saturday. On Sunday, they e-mailed me to say they needed proof from me that I was living at that delivery...
c'mon manGuiliano Fujiwara? Carven? Post-Raf Jil Sander?These names have zero brand cache. I kop because I like.
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