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Neither had I. I got it in a menswear store in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. The pattern is quilted. Not sure yet under what circumstances I'll actually wear it (too warm for warm weather, too cold - since short-sleeved - for cold weather) but it was half-priced. Worst case, it'll serve as souvenir of a weekend trip...
Thanks. All three have been getting compliments/interested glances IRL.I split it all up a bit on purpose to make it more manageable for me when posting/uploading. Whatever, will try to keep things contained in few posts.
Unfortunately, more recent than I would prefer and than would warrant quote marks. I wish my purchases were more spread out over time.But I have been spending wildly these last few months (that's kinda the rhythm of my posting activity here).In fact this is only the tip of the iceberg; I've skipped various knits I still hope to take pictures of, tons of maybe less interesting basics (Ts, polos, longsleeves) and accessories (beanies, scarves, gloves, belts, ties).Not to...
Giovanni Cavagna Jonathan Saunders Oliver Spencer Rag&Bone Y3 Brioni Ann D even though this Ann D jumper somehow doesn't look so well in the picture, it's almost my favourite piece from all this stuff I have been getting
Kenzo padded leather
not a very recent purchase (from previous yoox sales period) but worn little so far Jil spring 13
a few Jil knits from fall 13, all via yoox
pair of fall 12 Jil chinos pair of Jil jeans, season unknown
a few Raf purchases more on the way
Haven't kept up with this thread as there have been a few codes/promotions lately which only impacted country-specific sites in the EU and I realise most SFers are based in North America. But for the odd Europeans here: German site: MOSTWANTED15 Not sure what the criteria is for this one but not working on most items which have had price drops already. Belgian and French sites: LOVEDREAMBOX for 15 per cent on items marked accordingly in your dreambox, BUT try it on...
New Posts  All Forums: