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Cool, but what colour pants do you combine them with? I have a lot of black pants and somehow that contrast is a bit much for me.
Demeulemeester "pony-skins" (ostensibly, more likely calf-hair) Not really sure yet how I'm going to wear these as normally I don't think an all-white men's boot is the best idea, but they were down to 261 EUR on Yoox (from 1,206 EUR originally), so I thought what the hell maybe I figure out some outfit to combine them with... Jonathan Saunders silk harrington Unity Costume National Homme and CdG Homme Plus: time and again, nothing so pleasing as receiving something...
Spence currently has a MMM 5-zip for sale in various sizes: http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/men/Martin-margiela-leather-jacket-art34769.html But what is up with that sleeve length? 56 cm on a size 48? That's just weird; I don't imagine anybody's arms are this short:
Didn't he say Homme Plus. I don't think that line is by Yohji?Not my style personally but I salute anyone who sports this kind of thing IRL. The world needs more people who don't dress like the rest.
Theoretically: yes, by whatever length of outside fabric has been folded under into the sleeve (not necessarily only what's visible; the fabric may extend beyond where the lining begins).In practice (I have longish arms, so have been around the block a few times), more often than not there are problems. Besides obvious ones (real buttonholes, wriststraps and other unmovable elements which would become ridiculously distant from the end of the sleeve), there is a less...
Thanks for the update. Good to know - I was looking at a scarf anyway, so no problem with zippers there! :-)
I stumbled across this on yoox a few weeks ago and almost bought it (it had fallen to around 300 euros). Needless to say it looked shite on yoox so I hesitated for a day, and by the time I was decided somebody else had beat me to it.I concluded then there must be at least one other yooxer with an interest in Jonathan Saunders.
I'm aware of that of course - I've had it done many times (albeit with varying success). But in the coat I posted earlier, there was minimal length on the underside of the sleeve left. If you look at the pictures, it wasn't 1 inch that was needed, more like 3. Was hopeless.
yeah I considered that myself, but it was an only item
^This thing has arrived. I don't think it fits large at all; it's perfectly tts. The silk looks and feels ultra-luxurious (it's proper black even if it doesn't come across that way in pictures), but why do the sleeves have to be so damn short? Ideally I prefer outerwear sleeves to be longer or at least as long as all other sleeves. Anyway this is just way too short:Enough of a dealbreaker for me to return it. :-(
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