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I think that's kinda shocking.
While I tend to agree with this breakdown the most, it places W.W. Chan customers firmly in the realms of six-digit salaries. I wonder if that's really true of all the Chan followers on SF.
Are chinos less formal than jeans in the US?Where I live (Germany), jeans is about the lowest you can go short of wearing shorts. Chinos, while obviously not formal either, are still a notch above jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 It's called sprezzatura. People die to have it. Right.
I have observed the same problem (points curling inward) in most of my custom shirts from the Far East. It's annoying as hell and if I don't find a shirtmaker in Asia whose collars are not prone to this issue, I may decide to change to more expensive European makers. Haven't tried starching or anything. Ideally this should not happen even w/o starch - it certainly never happened on even the cheapest RTW shirts I used to wear.
of all time: The Chameleons (UK) of currently active: Doves ^those two lists with The Cure, Siouxsie and The Banshees and EatB on them are not bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman +1 You want a V, not hourglass shape. Even in men, the waist should always be a little narrower than the hips (unless you're overweight). If a shirt follows the contours of a proportionate, non-obese wearer, hourglass *is* what you want.
Quote: Originally Posted by L'Incandescent I don't think I understand what you mean when you call their later records trite and re-hashes of previous styles. Like any other band, Radiohead has a basic, signature aesthetic which you can recognize from record to record. They work within certain stylistic limits, which are actually pretty broad for a band making popular music. If they made a new record full of klezmer music or big band standards, that would...
Quote: Originally Posted by amstokesdb9 That is a ridiculous statement. Judging by this thread apparently more than a just a few people care about this release. My impression is, judging by this thread apparently more than a few people are disappointed by it. That's how I should have phrased it. I never liked Kid A much, but I give it points for being the last RH release that wasn't a dull re-hash of previous styles and material (Amnesiac...
When I first saw the title of this thread, I thought, Do even Radiohead fans care any more? Judging from this thread, apparently not. Funny how even the most overhyped band of all time is unable to hold the attention beyond a certain time.
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