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I have had to do ^this once the other way round (from EU to US). Parcel service rates were ridiculous, more expensive than the item itself. In the end I sent it back through the regular Belgian mail - it was still registered, insured and got a tracking number to follow online. I guess the equivalent to that for you would be giving it to US mail... surely they offer some sort of insured parcel service?
Bought this for myself, but not totally sold on the way it fits me. Only looking to recover what I paid. 350.00 EUR including postage for a traced parcel to continental US, EU, Canada (and most other places in the world, but please get in touch with me to verify). List price was 1020.00 EUR. Item ships out of Belgium. If you happen to live in Belgium or a neighbouring country, p.m. me for a lower price. Measurements (in cm): shoulder-to-shoulder: 41.5 sleeves from...
^this looks great. Post a fit pic if you get around to it.
Raf Simons virgin-wool/cashmere peacoat (w/ ModernTailor, Oliver Spencer and Fratelli Rossetti) Had to get it in a bit of a roundabout way: Was only available on Yoox US and still at first price (>1k). Couldn't have got it if I hadn't happen to have a trip to the US coming up for work and if they didn't have the 30-per-cent "Countdown" discount a few weeks ago. Was sitting in a D.C. branch office of my employer for two weeks before I arrived to pick it up. At...
I don't keep tabs on this thread, so don't know if it's been posted yet: "spring2015" will deduct 50 EUR from every 300-EUR-order at www.stylebop.com (a Munich-based retailer). Ostensibly for new collection, but I've just made two orders, both of them with sales items only, and it worked.
I recently got a couple of pairs of gloves by Orciani and recommend them. Solid-quality leather and all pairs I've ordered so far have been 100-per-cent-cashmere-lined (sth Yoox's product descriptions don't tell you).
Cool, but what colour pants do you combine them with? I have a lot of black pants and somehow that contrast is a bit much for me.
Demeulemeester "pony-skins" (ostensibly, more likely calf-hair) Not really sure yet how I'm going to wear these as normally I don't think an all-white men's boot is the best idea, but they were down to 261 EUR on Yoox (from 1,206 EUR originally), so I thought what the hell maybe I figure out some outfit to combine them with... Jonathan Saunders silk harrington Unity Costume National Homme and CdG Homme Plus: time and again, nothing so pleasing as receiving something...
Spence currently has a MMM 5-zip for sale in various sizes: http://www.spenceclothing.com/store/men/Martin-margiela-leather-jacket-art34769.html But what is up with that sleeve length? 56 cm on a size 48? That's just weird; I don't imagine anybody's arms are this short:
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