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I think I am too conservative at heart to wear a white (or any bright-colour) leather shoe, be it a sneaker or anything else. To each their own though. I have CP Achilles and Stan Smiths also (in navy and black respectively). The Stan Smiths were the most comfortable out of the three at first, but I think the Lanvins may yet beat them for long-term comfort. CPs unfortunately look great but are really poor walking shoes IME. I only put them on when I know I won't be...
Just received a pair of black Lanvin cap-toes from Yoox (a rare find there in that color and in my size): Still can't bring myself to wear white sneakers! Not that I haven't tried. Just looks garish in my eyes.
If a Tom Ford leather jacket 82 per cent off against list price is not your idea of a bargain, I don't know what outlet, whether b&m or online, will do it for you.IRL I don't know anybody who is cheaper than me, but I guess there is always SF! World-class quality at H&M clearance rack prices = just good enough!
I don't imagine that applies to outlets as the whole idea is that they off-load out-of-season remains at discounted price. My point was, I don't think that outlet prices, in Leccio anyway, drop even further during sales periods. Why should they? For an item that comes from a collection from years ago, there is no "end of season" any more.
Tissot hate is unwarranted especially if you want sth mechanical/automatic and under 1k. I think the first thing you need to figure out does your fiance prefer a mechanical/automatic watch as that will weed out a ton of options at that price point.
I'm not an expert but I get the impression from my own leather jackets that calf is less porous than lamb and hence less susceptible to rain stains. Would be interested myself though in hearing from somebody who knows more about this
Resurrecting my own thread to update on this garment. I kept wanting to have the waist slimmed a bit but was always reluctant to risk a high-end piece by entrusting it to some no-name alterations tailor. A few months ago when I had a trip to Rome coming up suddenly I had the idea of taking it to the Brioni flagship store in Via dei condotti to ask if they would accept to do it, even though I didn't buy it there (and not even from any Brioni store but a third-party...
"The Mall" in Leccio Regello (not too far from Florence by car) is one of the only, or maybe the only worthwhile brick-and-mortar outlet I have ever visited in Europe. Unlike most other so-called "designer brand outlets", this one actually has high-end designer labels. Admittedly prices mostly do not rival Yoox's. As I remember it, generally you get between 30-50 per cent off the original retail price, but to make up for it, you do get a really wide selection of...
I wonder why he felt the need to release that in versions with and without the grosgrain adornment on the storm flap:, no offence to Romanians but... "Made in Romania". :-(
So I got a personal 20-per-cent off code from Yoox on the occasion of my birthday, and the subject line of the email reads: "Many Happy Returns (my name), we've got a surprise for you!"
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