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^thanks for the tip, will do.
If you're going to take the pictures inside, please at least draw back the curtains and take the pictures with the light coming in from behind the camera. It also helps to set the camera on a table-top or similar and use the timer so at least your shaky hand doesn't add to the lack of focus. I'm sure those suits could look a lot better in better pictures.
Perhaps. I don't know; I haven't been to the US in over a decade. Germans certainly dress less well in general than Italians and French. Is it Stuttgart University your enrolling at? Which campus?
Quote: Originally Posted by poorlawstudent The (arguably) most value for money are the fabric market (at lujiabang lu or the one by the bund). Ive had several made for 80RMB each and have been using them for the past 6 months. I machine wash them about once a week and they havent shrunk (noticeably). Fit wise, they do a pretty good job at copying, so bring a shirt that you like and that'd work. I walked into the fabric market because I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Do you know how much they charge for a suit? If you mean Raymond Kiang/Eleganza Uomo, I don't remember the exact price they offered me, but I believe it was around 600 euros for a 2-piece suit with three shirts. They made a point of stressing that their jackets are fully canvassed by the way.
Quote: Originally Posted by hymo The Germans dress very poorly in general. Very, very poorly. +1 Don't worry too much about what to bring. Doesn't matter at all in terms of what people will think of you. I work in a government department and on office days could easily go to work in jeans+jumper. In student environments it's even less important - in fact depending on where you enrol, dressing well will be seen with suspicion by many,...
Looks great from the back and a tad large from the front. Not that you couldn't wear it though. In the front picture it looks as though the right-hand sleeve is shorter than the left one, or your right shoulder hangs lower. (I have the same problem.)
Quote: Originally Posted by christinedaae through countless amounts of blowing money, not getting any nookie and whatever else, I pretty much, do whatever the hell I was going to do that night anyway, only now she tags along. You don't have to impress a woman that is into you. If a woman likes you, it's not about the date, it's about being around you and getting to know you. If she is picky about where she wants to go, for instance, she "only wants to...
no, I'm saying that's what it says on the label:
...better late than never: I was in Shanghai in October and had three shirts made at Eleganza Uomo. Price, if I remember rightly, was RMB 1,000 for all three. Measurements Wednesday afternoon, fitting Thursday or Friday (don't remember), collection Saturday afternoon. I can't take pictures of the other two shirts right now as they are in the other flat. I am quite pleased overall for a first effort. I'd give both fit and workmanship a B+, relative to what I've...
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