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That was the best bit in that interview. I have very mixed opinions of Rick Owens as a designer but I like reading his interviews. He's a sharp observer of human behaviour.Not just what goes on in that forum though, and not even just in fashion in general. Every interest we develop in life, whether it's a clothes label, a band, a travel destination or anything else, only lasts as long as not too many other people have discovered the same thing after us. When that happens,...
lolwhat a reputation to live downotoh, I'm sure there are hundreds (literally) of other (ex-)shopaholics on SF, most of them just don't document their behaviour here the way I did for a little while
was gonna add some more after that but hit submit mistakenly instead of preview. I'm stoned. Anyway you get the idea
If by flimsy you mean its fabric, as I said I tried on the black version of that coat in store. Didn't feel flimsy to me, or anyway not any more than what you would expect (and want) from an unlined cotton spring/summer piece. In fact, while I don't think Raf is always very successful with fabrics, I think he tends to do best with cotton.It's a bit of a lost cause around here to advocate later-period Raf Simons, but I still think that he does silhouettes and colors better...
Fwiw, I cringe whenever I see any of the "to the archives" stuff (some of the worst he's done in a while), but I like the "isolated heroes" capsule.If (when) I tire of the photo, which is not really the main draw for me in this coat, the easiest solution will be to peel it off simply. Other dudes have done it to their fw14 camo fishtails who didn't like the Sterling Ruby artwork on the back.
That's a winter coat though, isn't it. The Raf and Margiela I posted are spring, and to be had on sale right now. (Not that I needed another ss coat any more than another fw one of course.)Btw I think Geller is almost an America-only operation. His Web site has not a single EU stockist. If it weren't for SF, I'm not sure I'd ever have come across the name otherwise.It's exactly the length that appeals to me. Although I admit I'm not sure how wearable/practical a coat that...
I'm probably not going to buy either, but curious what others think of these: I tried the black version of the fishtail on in store, and it looked great IRL, but I sure wasn't going to part with 1.8k(!) for what's essentially still a fairly plain cotton parka. Now the black one has sold out everywhere and I'm not sure what a snow-white coat will look like when it's been worn one season (or even five or ten seasons...).
+1. The wrinkly areas on your Butteros, @ike_hiking_boots, look exactly like the leather of my CP Achilles after a few weeks of wear.I am a little shocked though at all the bad experience people here have had with Buttero. I guess it's not so bad then the pair I was watching on Yoox sold out a few days ago. So far I only have a pair of woven-leather slip-ons, but haven't worn them a lot so too early to say.Does Buttero still make Dior Homme these days? I have a pair of DH...
I also have the denim (fw14) version. It's a nice coat. Didn't know there was a ss version.The denim one can be had in a size small on yoox atm:http://www.yoox.com/us/41631466HR/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=41631466HR&sizeId=4and in a size large on rayonfrais, but I can't link to it, you need to sign up to get access to their outlet.
washed wool - water-repellent - woven in Italy
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