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Hi everyone, I am looking at a quilted Alexander McQueen marked down to 1,000 euros. It's size 50 unfortunately, which is often a bit too large for me (normally I'd need a European 48), but the product page does say slim fit. Does anybody have experience with the sizing of Alexander McQueen leather jackets?
Really? I didn't see that. It worked for me anyway: I made a total of three orders, and got the discount on each of them.Perhaps by that rule they mean that once a customer account has been picked as a winner, that same customer account will not be drawn again. But it does not, apparently, mean that you cannot use several discount codes for orders from the same account (wherever you got them from...).
The same option I guess that you have with any tailoring operation. You never pay the whole sum upfront anyway, so if you don't like the finished product, you can always walk away, albeit writing off whatever down payment you made. Having said that, I never availed myself of that option and I have gone through various tailoring experiences/ordeals in the Far East, including in HK.
I believe I understand who or what sorts of outfit the OP was aiming at, but I disagree with his (near) equation of looking different = looking silly, or that the intention of dressing to be noticed will result in bad outfits. What with 99 per cent of men wearing the same grey suit, plain white/blue shirt and shiny woven silk tie, you don't need to dress like a clown or an 18th-century dandy to stand out. In most environments, certainly the one I work in, even an odd...
I ordered several pretty high-priced (clothes) items in the four digits and got the discount on all of them. Conversely, a jumper and a waistcoat at 35 and 69 euros respectively were excluded....?
JamesBond08, I think if anything it will only work if it's an overcoat that is designed to be worn without a suit jacket/blazer. Most overcoats look bad when worn over only a shirt/jumper because they are cut such that they allow enough room for a jacket/blazer, especially around the shoulders where your coat will look (and feel) wrong unless it was specifically designed accordingly. That said, even if your specimen fits that description, I agree w/ the others who've...
I could easily wear this without any alterations. But I think it looks a bit like an orphaned suit jacket more so than a SC, judging from these pictures anyway.
Hi all, I am looking at getting either a pair of Loake Mulligan: or a pair of Cheaney Tweed: From the shops I'm looking at, I could get the Loakes at 200 euros and the Cheaneys at 300 euros. A not negligible difference I guess. What think you people? Are the Cheaneys worth 100 euros more? In terms of construction and longevity? Also, is either of these boots appropriate to wear with a formal outfit in winter? I am looking for something formal enough to wear with...
Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I just got the Tom Bihn Aeronaut today after searching SF for "hand luggage" and seeing your post. I was looking for alternatives to trolleys. Fantastic piece of luggage - quality, workmanship... never want anything else any more.
ok forget it, I got it... just came to me where the error in my thinking was. Solved.
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