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If those are the "acceptable" choices, I'm afraid they are very limited. Or limiting, I should say.The best fashion does not make it to seasonal sales, still less to dead-stock sites like Yoox. In fact, some of the best - Hermès, Dior, Louis Vuitton - never goes on sale to begin with. Earlier this season, I got a cashmere-and-silk scarf by Hermès for around €1,000. Is that its objective, intrinsic value? I have no idea, but it doesn't matter, because that's the only price...
The older I get, and the longer I shop on Yoox, the more often I buy things outright.2 reasons:- Waiting sucks.- The *really* good stuff, insofar as it makes it to Yoox at all, goes within the hour of being added. Doesn't even get seen by a lot of people other than whoever buys it.
that (bolded part) is a bit extremeI do think that as you move up in income segments, even if it's only the transition from university student job to first full-time income, you ought to allow yourself progressively more luxury in life (luxury in the widest sense, not necessarily just meaning luxury products). If I put every additional cent of income into savings and still had a student-level living standard I really wouldn't know what I'm making all the effort for.
Yeah admittedly I can see how that must make a huge difference.I left university with just 1,000 EUR of debt, and even paying that small sum back could wait until I was well into gainful employment...
t h i s
This kind of talk on SF endlessly baffles me. Basically, I don't get what the "only" is doing in that statement.Either Americans generally make a ton more money than we here in Europe, or the average SFer makes a ton more than the average American.My first full-time job after university (10 years ago) paid me exactly 36,000 EUR. Granted, I wasn't buying Hermès and Louis Vuitton with that, but looking around among my fellow graduates, I could have done a lot worse - the...
I wish the entire gr@iled population, minus the low-balls and flakes, migrated to SF B&S. It would be a win-win for everybody. The latest trend now is low-balls whose offers are so low-ball they have to send them in a plain text message because grilled's offer mechanism won't accept them.
it's fake
I think factory outlets of mid-tier brands like Boss and Hilfiger have existed for decades. So-called "designer label" outlet malls have also been around at least since the 90s, but the "designer labels" usually turned out to be Lacoste, Guess, Diesel and the like."The Mall" outlet in Leccio Reggello is one of the only truly high-end b&m outlets I've visited in Europe, and when I was there last year it still looked brand-new.
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