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Isn't ^this the typical Yoox problem though? They get an item in a single (huge, XXL) size, and obviously they have no model for it but insist anyway on throwing it on their standard-size (medium, whatever) model.
If you're in Australia, Matches sells them @ 360 AUD, if you're looking at purchasing them.
Margiela reversible coat herringbone side wool, raincoat side cotton if anybody can id what season it's from, would be interested to know- haven't been able to find out even with the tag
incl. box and papers purchased by myself in Frankfurt, Germany in December 2012 little wear (worn in rotation with four other automatic watches; no wear any more at all since ca. April 2014) excl. shipping (please ask for a quote)
I don't know what store that is, but retailers get stuff on Yoox when it has become dirt-cheap on there and re-sell it with a profit margin. E-bay sellers do it, why shouldn't brick-and-mortar stores do it also.
I read an article that gave ^this as the obvious motivation behind the merger - Yoox is great at everything except presentation. A lot of items fall to absurdly low prices on there only because Yoox has a unique ability of making fantastic items look like total shite. We've all profited from this in the past. Net-a-porter on the other hand (and others, such as matches) know how to make even extremely bad merchandise look pretty damn good. So yes, the merger is undoubtedly...
I saw that but I assume the 100 p c polyester concerns the lining. Or it wouldn't say leather jacket in the name.
Available here. I've always had a weak spot for the adidas SLVR line and kind of regret their demise.
Flannels.com has various SI items on sale, including a black wool bataclava with the iconic goggles. Unfortunately, the site gets devastating customer reviews on trustpilot. Not sure I wanna risk it. Circle has a CP leather jacket with goggles but I haven't been able to find much in the way of customer reviews for the store and it's a size 50/L, which could be a bit large for me. Will mull it over for a while; maybe somebody else gets it in the meantime...
Thanks. I've found a few sites which have CP Company stuff on sale with all kinds of variations of the goggles. Can you speak to CP sizing? Since they're an Italian label, do the jackets run rather small or the sleeves short? I usually wear a size 48 or M in jackets but have longish arms.
New Posts  All Forums: