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I'm a bit baffled by the admiration for The National in this thread. They are good but they hardly blow you away. They are certainly a long way from being the best live band I've seen. Not bad, mind you, but not spectacular either.
A few very good (English-language) ones off the top of my head: Jude the Obscure (Hardy) Of Human Bondage (Maugham) A Passage to India (Forster) - or any of his other novels Brideshead Revisited (Waugh) The Way of All Flesh (Butler) Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte) The Picture of Dorian Gray (Wilde) Lady Chatterley's Lover (Lawrence) Portrait of a Lady (James)
No darts. I used to get all my shirts with darts but have grown tired of the look of late. I assume when you give them finished-shirt measurements darts or no darts has no influence on the fit anyway. The cuff buttons in the picture of the 2nd shirt are not all buttoned, I noticed now.
I've had five shirts made by ModernTailor. I picked average back/average shoulders for a couple of the shirts and bent back/straight shoulders for the others. Can somebody knowledgable explain how exactly this information impacts the cut of the shirt, because to be honest, after experimenting with this in five shirts I have the impression that it makes f**k-all difference - here's one example of each: average back+average shoulders bent back/straight shoulders
Very good film. Have seen Talk to Her and All About My Mother from Almodovar, both of which are also very good.
The tailors I went to in VN and China have invariably told me I needed 3.5 for a 2-piece. We're not the same build (I'm skinnier but also taller than you); don't know how that impacts the length you need.
To each their own - I have nothing against bd collars as such, but would certainly not wear a tie with a bd collar myself (unless the buttons are hidden). There is something about the combination that makes me think of a man who wears a belt and suspenders at the same time.
I wonder what you mean by "well-equipped" when you say you don't want to study natural sciences and anything involving math. Somehow I would associate the term well-equipped with courses like chemical engineering, physics, medicine etc. involving lab research. Also, why do you want to look for work outside the EU? Is this a personal wish or because you think there won't be any jobs for your qualifications in the EU? If it's the latter, let me tell you the chances of...
I think that's kinda shocking.
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