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I have been following this thread on and off and feel compelled to offer my two cents on a few of the things that keep getting said here. First of all, it's pointless to keep saying Prada/Burberry or whatever isn't worth 2,5k because who buys these brands at full retail price anyway? Maybe clueless rich people IRL, but certainly nobody who takes the time reading this thread. 100 per cent of SF'ers are thrifters, so none of us would be paying these prices to begin with. So...
+1,000,000Then again annoying as hell as it may be, I guess it ties in with what somebody said earlier about the financial situation (and maybe age also) of the average SW&D grailer.I wish there was an alternative to grailed without the annoyances
Sleepy thread. Wonder why it's struggling to become a permanent fixture around here, like the one over in SW&D. Got this Gucci holdall recently at Mitsukoshi:
the one LA Guy posted gets me "invalid code" the one I got gets accepted by the system but seems to discount only selected items (even with full-price items only in my shopping bag)
in the e-mail I got it's 25Y15HAPPY weird
This is excellent information, thanks a lot.There isn't much right now in the two online stores you mentioned, but I will keep an eye out for new stock. Since they seem to be located in Paris, I may also be able to check out their workshops there sooner or later.
Tried on a reversible lamb leather blouson in a Herm├Ęs boutique yesterday (reverse side nylon). Looked awesome, and seemed like a neat solution for the eternal issue of wearing lamb leather in fickle weather - when it starts pouring down, just turn the jacket inside out and put it on again. The only minor problem was that it was 10,000 euros. I wish more makers would make leather jackets like that though.
I think I am too conservative at heart to wear a white (or any bright-colour) leather shoe, be it a sneaker or anything else. To each their own though. I have CP Achilles and Stan Smiths also (in navy and black respectively). The Stan Smiths were the most comfortable out of the three at first, but I think the Lanvins may yet beat them for long-term comfort. CPs unfortunately look great but are really poor walking shoes IME. I only put them on when I know I won't be...
Just received a pair of black Lanvin cap-toes from Yoox (a rare find there in that color and in my size): Still can't bring myself to wear white sneakers! Not that I haven't tried. Just looks garish in my eyes.
If a Tom Ford leather jacket 82 per cent off against list price is not your idea of a bargain, I don't know what outlet, whether b&m or online, will do it for you.IRL I don't know anybody who is cheaper than me, but I guess there is always SF! World-class quality at H&M clearance rack prices = just good enough!
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