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Interesting thread, don't think I've seen it before. Over the last 2-3 years I have sampled many styles as documented by my posts in the purchases thread.. When I started getting into the last one - Raf, Dries, and some Japanese/vaguely avant-garde-ish leanings - I was 100 per cent certain that I had settled on what I would wear for the foreseeable future, and anyway for many years to come. Lately however I have noticed that my interest not only in those Belgian/Japanese...
LOL ^classic
got commented on as well, on page 2 somewhere:
Clothes can be used as an expression of certain aspects of your personality, but I think what he means is that if your whole wardrobe burned down or got stolen and you were suddenly reduced to wearing nothing but non-descript jeans and T-shirts from Zara, you'd still be the same person - to your relations as well as to yourself.
What I take away from that interview is that women tend to be ok with individual items from just about any of those styles, provided they are toned down by an otherwise more neutral/less conspicuous outfit, so you don't look like wearing "fashion with a capital F". Isn't that their general reaction to just about any of those looks? "Yeah it's fine if you take a piece or two from this, just not head-to-toe please."My own assumption about the underlying reason for that is...
No doubt, totally with you on that. Unfortunately for some purposes it just isn't practical not to able to wash your trousers yourself.
To be fair, that's a Japanese price. It probably costs half that in Europe.(Still a lot for a linen coat, I know...)
shit you're right my biggest worry with these kinds of things though is that in the general heat and rush I buy a lot of crap, only to find in the evening I've spent 1k in cash and have a pile of old polo shirts to show for it especially as I don't live in Antwerp, so there's a severe risk of buying crap just to not have made the trip for nothing I guess if you're super-self-disciplined... Margiela sample sale is closer to home for me, maybe I do that one, hoping it...
The leather itself certainly, the lining, maybe not...@estranged, I agree with others who have recommended waiting. However, I know from my own experience that it can be extremely difficult, bordering on impossible, to develop one's own taste/understanding/expectations without actual consumption, and without intermediate steps - even though in a year or two you may well end up wanting a Rick Owens jacket for $2000, I doubt that a thousand posts on here will convince you to...
Quick question from a European: Do the US and Canada have a customs union (through NAFTA or whatever)? In other words, if I ship sth from Canada to the US, will it get checked/opened by US customs?
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