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Perhaps the fact that all three of those are now obsolete speaks to how well that kind of double duties works - for the designers as well as the houses.
*sigh* I know. I also know - from own experience - that (as @tgaith77 put it in the wardrobe-building thread) "garbage exists at all price points". With the exception maaaaybe of Dior and Brioni, every designer label I have ever bought/sampled/worn has included crap quality items. I have a pair of Lanvin sweatpants that retailed for >400 euros; it literally took less than two weeks' wear before they looked worse than the mall crap I wore as a teenager. Nevertheless, I...
Was just going to say no but apparently there is Chanel menswear: www.thefashionisto.com/chanel-presents-pre-fall-2015-mens-collection/ http://www.marquisoffashion.com/chanel-spring-2014-menswear/ https://www.therealreal.com/products/men/mens-outerwear/coats/chanel-linen-cashmere-coat What's more, most of this looks as if it was actually designed by KL (in contrast to all the menswear with his own name on it).
LOLI do find it amusing (and also a little disconcerting) when Hedi admirers in the SLP thread say things like "Nah, it's perfectly fine that SLP is prohibitively expensive but questionable quality, anybody who spends $$$ on designer fashion knows it's not meant to last long"...
Correct. Pyrex, Virgil Abloh's first venture into fashion, was repurposed Ralph Lauren rugby shirts that he famously bought for 40 USD and re-sold for >500. Off-White items on the other hand are all his own production.He's getting a lot of flak - for all kinds of reasons - but I for one quite like a lot of it. Don't have anything yet, but can see myself getting into it.
Honestly, this is slightly neurotic if you ask me. It's the kind of "flaw" that any shoe or garment will get as soon as you have worn it outside even once. And I'm saying this as someone who obsessively babies his stuff...
Rail have a couple Haider Ackermann pure-silks on sale, in a nice houndstooth pattern: http://www.railso.com/en/scarves/6030-haider-ackermann-bordeaux-beige-pied-de-poule-silk-foulard.html http://www.railso.com/en/scarves/6029-haider-ackermann-black-white-pied-de-poule-silk-foulard.html
^Interesting as well. Not sure that one's really reversible though (pockets, label tag in the neck, ...).
The .gif image was in a newsletter I received from the official Web store. It's this jacket: www.alexanderwang.com/us/shop/men/jackets-and-outerwear-jackets-and-outerwear-reversible-leather-jacket_cod41622705is.html "100% Goat Suede + 100% Sheep Leather"
Same here. Probably most people do on brand-new suede shoes. More interesting question is, how often do you renew the spray protection? I tend to forget about it until the same season begins again, i.e. once a year, which is probably way too irregular...
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