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women's R13:
Merino wool breathes quite well actually. It's been replacing synthetic fibres in a lot of sports/outdoor stuff. I've been trying to get away from (pure) cotton jumpers/cardigans but that's just me. It's the fabric everybody and I mean literally *everybody* wears all the time and often items made from cotton don't seem to age very graciously.
I received various items today including this Brioni SC am open to opinions (the trousers are straight out of the box, so not pressed yet, and the shoes will probably go back so they still have their tag dangling from them)
resurrecting an old threadgot this by e-mail a few weeks backnot sure how it differs from the RTW they announced back then, but the prices for this offer are now down to 415 GBP per suit
^That code seems to give me only 10 per cent unless I order at least two Dreambox items from a smartphone or tablet...  
I did now receive a 10 per cent code for thecorner.com as a thank-you for creating a customer account. Have just used it for a pair of Neil Barrett derbies. The code is "WELCOME" if anybody wants to give it a try but it's probably a one-off that only works once after you've signed up with them. Useful to know anyway that thecorner does in principle also provide for promotional codes. And the payment of course goes to Yoox SpA. ;-)
FINAL10 10 per cent works also in the US valid till Sunday
Looking at a few items on thecorner.com, which, as is generally known, belongs to the YOOX group also. Does anybody know if they send out coupon codes, too? If yes, would probably wait.
The validity of the MUNDIAL20 code has been extended till midnight today. I did however try it out today with a non-German EU account and it didn't work, so I guess it probably only works for orders from YOOX Germany. Anyway, for those who have a German delivery address, considering that they were sending out codes for 15 per cent when Germany and Belgium played in the quarter finals and this one gives you 20 per cent, you probably don't have to be a rocket scientist to...
I keep getting YOOX codes to my YOOX-Germany registered e-mail address whenever Germany plays in the World Cup and to my YOOX-Belgium registered e-mail address whenever Belgium played. I don't know if these will work for orders from other YOOX Web sites, but anyway, for the duration of tonight's match between Germany and Brazil: MUNDIAL20 for 20 per cent off. But you have to make your order within the 90 minutes of the game!
New Posts  All Forums: