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...working to France, Germany, Italy and Belgium but give it a try anyway
^not bad I think if it was very slim-fitting and unlined, I might do it. I have been looking for a leather waistcoat on and off for the purpose of layering with wool overcoats in winter. I guess with a leather jacket it's mostly that I don't relish the idea of having so many sleeves layered one over the other. I sweat easily, would probably get sweaty in the bow of the elbow.
Really, a leather jacket under an overcoat?Seems weird to me, but to each their own I guess...
Same here. Between three full dreamboxes (150 items, insane I know), about 5(!) had price drops and about the same number had price increases. Not just shoes. The rest stayed the same, even though almost everything I watch is months old. This price drop was a bit of a sham.
Would be fantastic, except that jacket is available in two sizes. Which one's the measurement from? Still, it's a welcome step in the right direction.
...had belonged to his father who had never worn it though, considering that the big label tag is still hanging from the top button?Anyway, I wish you that it's genuine. Let us know how it played out.
What a valuable contribution to have gone to the trouble of signing up for, yaoshuyun. It's simple, isn't it: get sth from ebay or from another dubious source = yeah, it might be fake. If you like it and if it fits you, does it matter? I received a leather jacket once which I thought was "fishy" as the op says. It fit me fantastically, so I kept it. If on the other hand you want total certainty and peace of mind, you will only get that from buying things from official...
I recently bought a Brioni SC (from a source with undoubted credentials). The interior tag does not look like yours. The other two were the exact same. I think that taking a hard look at the seller's credentials is more useful in cases of doubt than comparing tags.
This thread has been fairly dead, but can anybody speak to Raf shoe sizing? According to Mr Porter, these: http://www.mrporter.com/en-be/mens/raf_simons/panelled-high-top-sneakers/453227 ...fit large to size, they recommend taking the next size down. Anybody have experience and can comment?
Cool. Thanks. I have some more stuff arriving next week which is sure to contain returns. Will give it a try.
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