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Sure but I am not looking for bargains (why the facepalm?), more for labels that I have little access to at home. Yes I know that some small independent store in New Zealand is probably not gonna undercut Yoox prices. The two stores that I have found do appear to carry CdG and the like. It isn t really all that important to me at what price.
I'll be transiting through these places this weekend. Any shopping recommendations? I've googled around a bit and so far have found Scotties in Auckland and Oldlyric in Shanghai. Have been to Shanghai before but last time I was there I I was still only interested in CM... never been to Auckland.
no idea but anyway not before everything worthwhile has sold out in the (earlier) non-European sales
nah not in that colorway anyway
Thanks for your thoughts on this. I have to admit that, although I tend to look down on ostentatious Gucci-type brand-whoring I can be a bit of a brand whore myself when the brand is a name that I look up to design or quality-wise. (That's why I'm dismayed at negative reviews of Lanvin bags as that would normally be my want-to-have brand.) So yeah I guess I am willing to pay extra for having something with a certain name on it - now I only need to figure out any more if I...
I guess that means their sizing between sneakers and formal shoes is all over the place then. The last time I tried to get into a pair of Lanvin penny loafers in my normal size, it hurt like hell just having them on, still less walking around in them.
hey rach,I was never an avid follower of the old thread, so wouldn't know if or what "consensus" was reached there re: Hermès or other designer labels' bags. I do know from cursory perusing that thread (and other sites) that other supposedly high-level makers got panned as well (including Lanvin and Dior), so I thought maybe the safest option was to choose the one make that generally seems to be held in the highest esteem.I do note that you have not said anything in this...
Not that I doubt that Yoox mislabels things (it's kind of their specialty, isn't it), but I did find these in the Santoni on-line store:http://santonishoes.com/eu/crocodile-print-punched-leather-loafers-21989.htmlhttp://santonishoes.com/eu/crocodile-print-punched-leather-loafers.html
haven't worn any cap toes so far, but the two pairs of Lanvin loafers I've worn definitely needed sizing up
I looked around on the Hermès Web site a bit. Couldn't find the Plume posted earlier, but most of the bags I looked at cost somewhere around 5,000 euros (order of magnitude). The more I think about this, the more I wonder if that kind of expense could ever be justified in the (very) long term - like if you were to use a bag for decades, a lifetime. Is that conceivable? Do Hermès bags have the leather and build quality to use them... forever, basically? Or do they look beat...
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