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Assembling hiking gear while relying solely on sales can be done, provided you start early. Like a year or anyway six months in advance. I spent two weeks in Nepal last November hiking up to Annapurna base camp with 80-90 per cent of my stuff on-sale items, but had begun getting things in bits and pieces in the spring. My friend who was with me scrambled to get everything together two weeks before departure and yes, in that case you better not just buy whatever is on sale...
The runners are not my taste at all (or anyway not in this context) but I kind of like how this combines cheap high-street stuff with ultra-luxury. Doesn't always work so well.
Do you have personal experience with EG? The brand is a forum favourite so would be interested what you base that statement on.
A lot of my own purchases are brand whore purchases so I don't think there is anything per se wrong with that however I do think 250 for a very plain cotton sweatshirt is a bit much. Too much, even with brand whoring reflected in the price.
another MONDAYBLUES for the usual 10 off till midnight
Has anybody had recent experience with Jil briefcases? Jil Sander was mentioned in various (positive) posts in the old thread, but would be interested if anybody has handled any items more recently. Looking at this specifically (fall 14):
Yes, every once in a while they offer another 10 and very rarely another 20 per cent off. Way more seldom than Yoox though - usually at the end of a sales period. In between - on the occasion of things like long weekends, mother's day and so on - they also offer fixed amounts off (30€ off 100€ purchased) which generally work on sales items also.
This is true.I concede I tend to buy a lot of things that I don't really need (or don't need at all) when three circumstances coincide: 1) I like the item 2) it's by a designer/label I'm a "fan" of, and 3) it's a bargain compared to MSRP (which goes a long way toward explaining why 70-90 per cent of my purchases are made on Yoox, because on Yoox practically everything's a bargain compared to MSRP).Superstar status is clearly a function not only of pure spending but also -...
yeah don't know what to say. Is it really that outrageous? I like to think that as share of net income it's still reasonable. I hope anyway. I don't know. Since my online shopping is spread between so many different delivery addresses, no 1 person in my real life is aware of its full extent. ok maybe I have the odd moment when I wonder myself if things are approaching Patrick-Bateman-level lunacy but honestly, it's never long before some guy at my work complains about a...
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