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That was my first thought and size-wise it might well have been but like all Demeulemeester items it carried a tag with a gender (Mars) symbol, so no. Fwiw I own other Demeulemeester items in XS even that fit me perfectly.Yoox does get this wrong though occasionally and when it's the other way round it can work in your favour. I have ordered Ermenegildo Zegna and Dior Homme(!) items from the women's section which had, understandably, been sitting there for a long time.
LOL yeah I'm pretty excited about it! Last year I saw the Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine reunions so it'll be fun to be able to compare all three of them. So far, I enjoyed Slowdive slightly more than MBV. But then I've always liked RIDE and Slowdive a tiny bit more than mbv, so tonight will be the real test...
first time ever that anything Ann Demeulemeester in a size S has been (way) too small/short on me... I thought that that was the one label I could size blindly: not totally sold on that collar anway so not a huge disappointment
off to Paris to see the reunited RIDE tonight... [[SPOILER]]
How do those cotton linings hold up though? I used to have a (inexpensive, admittedly) cotton-lined leather jacket and sold it after only a year when it became apparent that the cotton lining wouldn't last very long.So far I think cupro (bemberg?) is maybe the best compromise. It's a lot less stifling than polyester (and better-looking) but relatively durable also.
I doubt that most people would put Balenciaga a notch above Lanvin (or Lanvin in the same tier as Acne, for that matter).I also like to think that Brioni quality-wise sits above fashion labels but sadly don't have personal experience. (Had a chance to get one once on stylebop @ 900€ and slept on it... )
where are the photos? I only get the runway pic
^thisat the risk of repeating what others have said... I like both shoes and pants, just not together. The slim, tapering pants make your feet appear disproportionately large compared to rest of your silhouette. I actually keep having to remind myself of this as am guilty myself sometimes of combing big, clunky derbies with slim/tapering pants. (It's more obvious to me in photos than in the mirror.)
Thanks. I had the chance to look at a women's handbag from the fall 14 collection yesterday at a friend's place. On the whole I had much the same impression you described, although of course this bag was brand new. She too paid only 500€ (down from 1.5k), so I guess at that price point the quality is fine. I have decided to give the briefcase I posted above a pass for now; it's on tizianafausti.com if anyone's interested, at 50 per cent off.
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