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France: ONTOP10 for 10 per cent on all discounted items Germany: ICYDREAMBOX for 15 per cent on "selected winter styles" both till 17 Feb plus various new items on the German site temporarily discounted by 15 per cent also till 17 Feb
Not kidding, there is a little truth in this. I had several parcels stolen which were left in front of my door when I was away during the Christmas holidays. Contacted the credit card issuers to have the payments reversed. Have since received a letter from at least one bank informing me that the payment amount would be re-credited to my balance. My first thought was exactly ^that: This isn't so bad - the thrill of a new purchase and by the time the stuff is supposed to...
^^happend to me once; funny that they appear to have several different wordings for it:
Some more new stuff, both new and NOS: Snatched up the last one of these at thecorner. Still debating whether or not to keep it. I realise the cropped look is to some extent intended, but the S is so short on me that the back keeps riding up above my belt even on high-waisted pants. Bit unnerving. It's a beautiful piece but I may yet return it because of that. Or maybe I give it away as a gift or something. Virgin-wool motorcycle jacket from YOOX (still available...
a women's zip turtleneck jumper from fall 12 (his last collection there I believe):
two more new accessories, received yesterday and today: The gloves are fine but a little underwhelming for something that retailed at 400€ - would've been overpriced at that. The belt however is a great find. It's calf but the inserts are python. Was marked down from >500€ to 127. It's very typical ETRO hippie fashion. I have a weak spot for that sometimes.
Two fashion school graduates who interned with Raf Simons got a write-up in the January edition of Wallpaper - kinda interesting to see the influence:
Don't know if this retailer has been listed here yet: Storm Fashion in Denmark carry Raf. RS x Fred Perry (not much) adidas by RS
Neither had I. I got it in a menswear store in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. The pattern is quilted. Not sure yet under what circumstances I'll actually wear it (too warm for warm weather, too cold - since short-sleeved - for cold weather) but it was half-priced. Worst case, it'll serve as souvenir of a weekend trip...
Thanks. All three have been getting compliments/interested glances IRL.I split it all up a bit on purpose to make it more manageable for me when posting/uploading. Whatever, will try to keep things contained in few posts.
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