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yeah I considered that myself, but it was an only item
^This thing has arrived. I don't think it fits large at all; it's perfectly tts. The silk looks and feels ultra-luxurious (it's proper black even if it doesn't come across that way in pictures), but why do the sleeves have to be so damn short? Ideally I prefer outerwear sleeves to be longer or at least as long as all other sleeves. Anyway this is just way too short:Enough of a dealbreaker for me to return it. :-(
yeah I did have that impression too, judging by the images. Mine was nearly the only one which seemed a normal fit (and has turned out that way; it's very tts).
I was looking at one of their cashmere scarves a while back. They have a Web site (in French only), where they make pretty high claims concerning the quality of their cashmere, saying they use only the longest and finest fibres and that it takes the wool of six goats for one of their knits: http://www.richardgrand.com/qui-sommes-nous/ The whole text reads like a pretty tall order ("we don't source anything from China" and all that). Would be curious to hear from you when...
Universal Works Silvano Vitalini (gift) - This is apparently a bespoke tailor in St. Moritz - take a look at his Web site, doesn't look bad at all... Christopher Kane (comments on this on Hypebeast are hilarious) Oliver Spencer ...and, best purchase of the year so far, Public School (I officially subscribe to the hype): ymc last two together (with Derek Rose and Alex Wang): The Public School pants are hands-down the nicest casual wool pants I've ever worn....
One of my favourite knitted silk ties is a Mario Matteo. I threw it in with a bigger order a while back because it was cheap and I needed an "alibi" (by that I mean an item I knew I'd keep so I don't have to return whole orders). It's really nice and can hold its own against some of my other knitted ties by more expensive labels (Moschino and such):I totally understand this sentiment; it's why every once in a while I still give in to the temptation of ordering "unknowns"....
Yes, nothing more ironic than when somebody thinks he's spotted irony where there's no irony.
I wouldn't have written the last bit if I'd known I would hit a nerve.
???Are you serious? Sounds like what sb would say who is a) not gay and b) worried others might erroneously think that he is.Gay men as a group probably dress better than straight whites (as a group), but unless you have lived a totally sheltered life that's not the criterion you need to rely on.
When I walked into my local H&M in November after the launch of the Alex Wang capsule collection, literally the only people looking at it were either Asian or gay.
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