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I don't know. I guess all it means is that Matches is willing to take a fat loss (on sales items anyway) if it builds them a stellar service reputation. Or maybe they're only offering it for a while to break into the American market and plan to change their policy later.Just ftr, I didn't skip this to make things sound worse than they are but because I doubt this route would get me anywhere. But maybe I'll look into it, who knows.
Fabric aside, I don't think wide, peak lapels on short, single-breasted coats look very good. Too much lapel for too little coat.
Yes, a friend suggested the same yesterday. It's one of those oxford shirts though that already has darts not just on the back but on the front as well. Not sure how much more could be done to take in the sides (or if that would be any less expensive than just re-paying duties+taxes). But yeah I'll be in Hong Kong in a few weeks maybe I'll take it with me and see if anything can be done cheaply there.
Update on ordering on the US Mr Porter site from outside the US: My 2 Raf shirts arrived today. One of them fits perfectly, very happy. The other one I guess I could wear as well but ideally would be 1 size smaller. Options: 1) Returning the shirt. Unfortunately, it turns out that: "Outside the US and Canada, customs duties and sales taxes are non-refundable through MR PORTER." I guess I could have looked that up before I ordered (2 mouse clicks, really), but when...
From Belgium.Tbh, the shipping fee in my case (for 2 shirts) was $66.55, so I think that potential loss in itself will keep stopping me from ordering things of which I can't be certain that I will like them/they will fit. I'm ok with sinking 10 euros into shipping costs to try things out but 66 USD... too much.I think the most I ever spent on non-recoverable shipping fees to try sth out was sth like 20-30 euros (on a US order).
Don't know what it is you want to return but if it's not just a T-Shirt (but a pair of shoes for example), that seems pretty reasonable. That's just about what it would cost from Europe to the US with the normal mail.
Do you mean this:http://www.autographmenswear.com/shirts-c12/cooper-shirt-p18351Idk... I like Dries like the next person but that seems a bit... goofy.
So did I but was pretty conservative and refrained from ordering a few things I might have wanted because I wasn't sure what happens with the import fees if you return things. Do you know for certain that they apply the same policy as when ordering from the UK/EU site? (=Free return, full refund incl. import duties?)
so what are you trying to say?
I have (consistently, so far) found the sneakers tts and those fat flatsole derbies 1 size large.The Ann D restocks on the US Mr Porter site were amazing. I bought three pairs of the derbies on Yoox not long ago at higher prices (and those were already discounted) than what they were going for on Porter US.
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