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I'd get this one, but I am biased as I have been developing an interest in the Stone Island product family, especially Ten-C. Don't own anything myself yet, but I do think that this jacket has the most character out of the options you're looking at.Don't like the look of the Eidos one at all, looks too much as if you're going on safari.
Pair of SS14 velcros from Spence. This was my second order overall from Spence. The items have been fine, but the shopping experience leaves a bit to be desired. Some of their "original shop prices" seem to be adjusted upwards a bit from RRP. Plus, they don't seem to send out order confirmations. Nor dispatch notifications, you have to keep checking your customer account to see if your order has shipped, and when it has, you have to e-mail/call them to get them to give...
Btw I forgot to say, if you do make the trek to Antwerp, Dries van Noten and Ann Demeulemeester both run huge dedicated monostores there (huge for such small labels anyway). The Dries one happens to be right next door from the fashion museum. Between the store and the exhibition (if it's still on when you go), that's more DvN than you'll ever see in the same place again. You're lucky to go in the summer when all these places will have sales. (Strangely - and...
Hombre carries Raf Simons. It's a bit out of the way, but worth visiting I think. Carmacoma carries Yohji and used to carry Raf and Dries van Noten but when I was there a couple of months ago had only a handful of sales items left of the two latter. A sales clerk said they decided not to carry Raf any more because de Bijenkorf (the city's big department store) now carries Raf so "it's not exclusive any more". Aside from that being a pretty idiotic reason to stop carrying a...
The question of what size the length measurement comes from if there is more than one size available has also come up in this thread before, but I don't think anybody has so far been able to give a comparison measurement from an actual purchase - even knowing one size's measurement might be helpful if they consistently gave, say, the length of the largest or the smallest size. Then again, of course that would only make sense if sold-out sizes didn't disappear entirely (but...
I assume that's because they are calculated from cm measurements. The leg opening widths on the European sites all seem to be in full centimetres.
Isn't ^this the typical Yoox problem though? They get an item in a single (huge, XXL) size, and obviously they have no model for it but insist anyway on throwing it on their standard-size (medium, whatever) model.
If you're in Australia, Matches sells them @ 360 AUD, if you're looking at purchasing them.
Margiela reversible coat herringbone side wool, raincoat side cotton if anybody can id what season it's from, would be interested to know- haven't been able to find out even with the tag
incl. box and papers purchased by myself in Frankfurt, Germany in December 2012 little wear (worn in rotation with four other automatic watches; no wear any more at all since ca. April 2014) excl. shipping (please ask for a quote)
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