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Yes, nothing more ironic than when somebody thinks he's spotted irony where there's no irony.
I wouldn't have written the last bit if I'd known I would hit a nerve.
???Are you serious? Sounds like what sb would say who is a) not gay and b) worried others might erroneously think that he is.Gay men as a group probably dress better than straight whites (as a group), but unless you have lived a totally sheltered life that's not the criterion you need to rely on.
When I walked into my local H&M in November after the launch of the Alex Wang capsule collection, literally the only people looking at it were either Asian or gay.
Awesome. I want this. Not that I have any idea what I'd need the goggles for in everyday wear, of course.Breuninger (in Germany) carry the brand:https://www.breuninger.com/Marken/stone-island/782/herren/products.cmd?resetFilter=true
Thanks. Have e-mailed them about measurements. Their description "finally a wool T that doesn't scream weekend camping trip" is exactly what I was talking about.
There used to be a separate thread on obscure Yoox brands. Paolo Pecora got numerous recommendations in that thread, rightly so. I can't speak to his formalwear, but the knitwear - at steeply discounted Yoox prices, of course - is very good. There's usually a ton of it up, so you can sit back and wait for prices to fall to H&M level. Unity and Solosali sometimes also have pretty good knitwear, but more hit-and-miss than Pecora - I have returned several Unity items, most...
Oliver Spencer selvage denim (SS14, 53€ on matches, great find): + just ordered this a few minutes ago: ...despite serious misgivings about sizing. Haven't worn any Lanvin before and the fact that it says "fits large" makes it unlikely that a 48 will fit me. On the other hand I am planning to wear it over a suit always, so who knows?
yeah they're goodI have a few of their linen Ts and am quite happy with them.I also once ordered the Roni wool-leather jacket (as seen here, although I didn't get it from Barneys) and really liked the quality and the fabric and the way the wool contrasted with the leather bits. Unfortunately they cut very short sleeves, so in the end I decided to return it.
New Posts  All Forums: