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Okay, I need some help. At the end of April I will start a internship at UBS for my senior project. I have a problem with finding dress shirts that fit right. I am tall and skinny so usually I have to get larger shirts for length. What I wanted to know is, can a shirt be tailoring in the neck area? I am trying to achieve a over all slim silhouette.
Gaunt is another good synomym but has kind of a negative connotation. I'm around 6'1- 6'2 and about 130 pounds and I'm here to claim my crown.
Nice J.R.s Cultpop, I wish Fos5 was stocking them.
Nothin just loungin around til I decide to type a paper.
Yeah, nice boots Cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by minya Anywhere I could see pictures of all of these? or getty images. Sorry if ads keep poping up thats how they pay for the site. If you want to register I can email you an invitation.
Cloak was kind of disappointing for S/S 07, but I'm glad Plokhov(sp?)is trying something different.
I highly doubt Micheal is going to win because I just saw his final collection and it was really ugly. I also saw Laura's, Uli's and Jeffrey's. Out of all of them Laura's was the best. Spoiler Warning
Quote: Originally Posted by sybaritical downlow? Gay men who secretly have sex with other men while maintaining a relationship with a woman.
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