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Smart driving by Rosberg and impressive to be able to hold ones nerve like that. Obviously he would have liked another win to clinch the championship earlier. Very suspenseful finish.
I just read solo faces a couple of weeks ago. Have you read any more James Salter? I thought "a sport and a pastime" was great and I plan on reading more of his books soon.
The belt with the waistcoat is just ridiculous, completely incompetent.
Did these shoes have topy or original leather sole? Will eventually need to get C&Js, carmina's etc resoled. Only had the full resole done on Loakes at McCloud's and I am wondering about options.Thanks.
Good match, Argentina played well and it could have gone either way, feel sorry for their fans. People are overly critical of Messi. Glad to see Klose win the world cup after the 2002 loss. Great team effort all around. Happy to see Germany Weltmeister after so many semi-final appearances in the last 12 years.
All black is quite common for musicians, but anathema to styleforum. I agree it looks awful in general, but may be a safe option for classical music exactly because it is quite common. I would try navy wool trousers and a plain white shirt instead. Make sure the shirt is well fitted, nice strong collar - not button down - for a little drama. You could get a tailor to take in the waist, perhaps add darts at the back to stop it billowing out. Would look respectable but...
I have ordered woollen pantharella socks from here a couple of times.
I'll have to find a copy somewhere. Somewhat interested as to what topics are covered. I would say anything occurring earlier than big bang nucleosynthesis (t ~ 1 sec) is speculative - we may suspect some process has taken place e.g. baryogenesis (creation of the matter-antimatter asymmetry) or cosmological inflation but what mechanism exactly is responsible is unknown. Our understanding of general relativity and nuclear physics allows accurate predictions to be made for...
Actually I forgot one. 7. The luck of Barry Lyndon - William Makepeace Thackeray. The story of Barry Lyndon, as told by Barry Lyndon himself. The fatal events as a young man in Ireland which propel him into the army and onto the continent during the seven years war. Life as an adventurer on the continent. Triumphal return and eventual fall from grace. Thackeray uses the boastful and unreliable narrator as a vehicle for his usual satire of the meaner side of human nature.
4. How Proust can change your life - Alain de Botton. Amusing look at Proust's life and major work. What was Proust like and how was his character reflected in his work? What can we learn about the world, friendship, memory and love from his great novel? I would recommend this to all lovers of "In search of lost time." Actually my girlfriend read this after me while on holiday and has now started reading Proust as well. 5. Die Leiden des jungen Werthers (The tribulations...
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