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Translation: I wish LEC made dressier shirts so I could wear them for two months and then return them all for a full refund.
All of the emo jerkoffs who whine that 40% off isn't cheap enough, then abuse a free shipping code to buy a $2 scarf (which they return after a month of use).
They're deliberately trying to alienate customers like you and the other hardcore styleforum posters. I hope they are successful.
You've posted the same thing 8 billion fucking times. Find another brand.
Skinny pants look terrible on most males in the US. Everyone is wearin' 'em and just about everyone is looking bad wearing 'em.
That's a detail they've consistently missed from day one. I know LEC costs a small fraction of what it's competitors (jcrew, llbean) charge, but is it really too much to ask that shirt buttons be at least somewhat similar in color to the actual friggin' shirt?
Absolutely. I noticed that, too, just glancing through their line. That's what I like about LEC: lots of great colors that pop! The quality of fabrics may not be first rate, but as functional clothes that look good, fit well and don't cost a mint, LEC has done wonders. Mainly in the shirts though, lol.
The quality of materials seems to be superior overall. LEC works mainly with cotton or poly blends with a little bit of cotton or wool for advertising's sake. You'll pay for this difference in quality, obviously.
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