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there's no infatuation. it's certainly cheaper and easier that way.
I really would like to find a shirt like this one I love the idea of a hidden contrast placket. I know some MTM services can do it, but so far the only one I've found is iTailor and it seems like it might be a bit low quality. Any ideas on what this shirt is, or where I could get one made online?
Will consider any incarnation. get at me!
Sz L, worn very lightly.
Please PM with offers!
one, the other, both, none?
Also, what are those sweats?
I know people have got pairs that go unworn, make some money samurai, 45rpm, warehouse, full count are my go to brands. waste 32" inseam at least 32" pm me!
Sz 44, any condition, most colors (greys, blacks, white preferred), get at me.
Hell yeah, I'd take em... you offering?Not even sure... perhaps next season they'll bring em back?
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