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Hey Mike, any chance of non-cargo flannel trousers in the fall (maybe in a nice mid grey)? I will have to check out the cargo version though...
Went by the Smith St store to get some shorts and a shirt today. The wife got a pair of shoes, and we introduced my three week old son to the wonderful Epaulet folks. With the shoes my mother bought, and the belt I gave my father, almost every adult member of my family has at least one item from Epaulet. My sister will be in town at some point, that will probably make it a full sweep. The entire crew at Epaulet was helpful and awesome as always. The scarves look...
Just received my Kirin cufflinks (and another edged square, can't have too many of those), they are even nicer than I had hoped.
I don't think I could pull off a felt hat, but I wear a panama hat in the summer and constantly get compliments on it.
Go buy a few from Kent Wang, or Howard Yount. Very nice squares, very nice prices. Buy one hand rolled white linen, and one or two silk patterns that work with your most common shirt/suit combinations. Quote: Originally Posted by GHo I am new to PS. I wear a suit everyday but have never owned a PS. I'm looking for an economical way to get into PS to make sure it's for me. ebay has a bunch of Vera Bradleys for under $7. Would I be a complete...
Anyone with the patchwork madras shorts washed them? They are cotton so I'm thinking cold wash line dry would be fine, but the label says dry clean only.
Got my second polo order a few days ago. The lavender was excellent. The navy on white stripe was less so. I'll be keeping the shirt, but the fabric on the stripe polo doesn't have the same "holy crap this is nice" quality that the solids have. While the solid color polos are far and away the best polos I've found, the stripes are merely in the upper end of the range. The phenomenal collar roll of the solids just isn't quite there with the striped fabric.
I found the length after drying once on medium was pretty spot on. That said, an inch shorter wouldn't be a deal breaker. So count me as an "either or" vote, or split the difference and knock off a half inch, with a note to dry once if you want to length to come up a bit more. Just placed my order for two more. Did the light blue sell out in L already?
If anyone is on the fence on the tangerine linen pants, get the hell off and buy them. I was in the Smith St. store today and checked them out. They are freaking phenomenal (and sold out in my size ). Went with the natural color, simply awesome.
My Penobscot penny loafers in Natural came in today, and they are everything I had hoped they would be. I will be putting some serious use on these this summer. Now if only the freaking rain would leave NYC so I could wear these beautiful things! The unending thunderstorms are just brutal. I'm dying for some sun here!
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