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Just got the shipping notification for the penny's pre-order. I'm already checking the forecast hoping for a nice warm day to rock them and the patch madras shorts. Equally excited about the chino restock, I'm itching to add another pair (or two) to the collection.
Just checked out the tumblr blog. I will definitely be picking up the Kirin cufflinks, those look great.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark Anthony What size did you order? I am virtually identical to you in measurements. Likewise find most shirts too long, have to send some Lacoste to the tailor one of these days. I ordered a size large. After a wash and dry on medium the shirt shrunk up in length a fair amount, and is now a perfect fit. I won't be putting it through the dryer any more, but now it's ideal in terms of dimensions. All that...
I just received my Kent Wang polo today. I'm an odd fit, a short slim guy with broad shoulders (5'7", 38.5" chest, 18" across the shoulders PTP, 15.5" neck). The fit of the shoulders is great, and the collar as others have said is wonderful. The only issue for me is the length. I don't usually wear polos tucked, and this thing is long! The fabric is very nice, and everything but the length is just about perfect, so I'm going to wash it and see if it shrinks up at all. It...
Now I so want to do a karaoke rendition of "The Horror of Party Beach."
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Actually, this gives me an idea. We're working on the early Summer delivery of Epaulet shirts right now. Maybe I should integrate a black fishnet tank into the collection? Could be a great match to Rivet Chinos and Yuketen Country Rangers. Any chance of the bladed spike gauntlets in a natural chromexcel? That would look sick with the elusive shadow dot shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by benjamin831 I'm not sure what kinda life you lead, but I sure don't find myself needing a knife and flash everyday. But then again I don't live in a ghetto or have a blue-collar job. I ride a subway to work every day. When a train stalls in the tunnel and the lights turn off (and believe me this happens) a flashlight is a nice thing to have. I managed to be above ground during the famous blackout, but if I hadn't...
Beautiful knife MajorWinter. A non-locking folder makes my fingers squeamish, but I hear locking blades are a no no over in the UK. I guess they prefer you to injure yourself rather than risk someone do it to you.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I've avoided fixed blades because those are generally looked down upon by NYC law enforcement from what I hear, no matter what the length. I also wear suits a lot and it would feel odd to tuck a knife in my waistband! I'm more a pocket carry guy. Same with thumb studs. I've always been able to open any thumb stud knife very fast, and assumed any interested office would be able to do the same. I actually hadn't looked at spyderco in a long...
JohnH, I'm definitely not sold on the Gerber. I have much nicer knives but can't carry them due to the laws. I've been having trouble finding something that fits the bill. As soon as you get into nicer options it seems you start to get the thumb studs and "fast action". Anyone have suggestions?
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