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The orange paisley pocket square is so nice in person, picked that up today on a whim while I was getting a pair of Cramertons.
I've been looking at some AS shoes on the 89 last, how would that last compare in fit to the C&J 348? I take a size 8D US, but 7E 348s fit me like a dream.
Voted for both! I would love a fit pic contest, that would be sweet.
Congratulations Mike and Adele! With all the delight that your work has given us, I'm reminded of a quote from Homer on the subject of marriage: "There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends."
I'm having the hole issue with my wool socks as well. The cotton socks are holding up very well, but despite hand washing and hang drying my wool socks are all developing holes in the heels after very light wear. I really want to like the wool socks, but they need to be more durable.
I am beyond excited to get a look at the peacoat. I was rocking my Walt houndstooth checks today and got compliments as usual. I took stock recently and realized that it is a very rare day that I am not wearing at least one Epaulet piece if not more. The pants especially are just phenomenal, a great combination of cut and cloth. I'm wistfully looking forward to cooler days so I can break out my Triton jacket again. I wore the crap out of that thing last year.
To cut stuff. Now, it may be sacrilege, but 99.5% (completely valid poll don't you know) of people don't actually need sebenzas, or damascus steel, or titanium linered precision cutting tools. Most people can get by with the swiss army knife my father has had wearing holes in his pockets for the last 35 years (the one he had before that he gave to me on my 8th birthday), or even stabbing packages open with keys. But then again, most people don't need cars that go 150MPH,...
I'm looking for advice from the Styleforum Hivemind: After my Rowenta crapped out (broken steam trigger), I went for the Reliable IronMaven J420. So far it's great, lots of steam, comfortable handle (though I'm getting used to the top button for steam rather than the trigger). I'm wondering about the teflon ironing shoe. I know these are recommended to avoid shine, but do you find yourself using them all the time or just on delicates? I tried it out, and it seems to...
Hey Mike, any chance of non-cargo flannel trousers in the fall (maybe in a nice mid grey)? I will have to check out the cargo version though...
Went by the Smith St store to get some shorts and a shirt today. The wife got a pair of shoes, and we introduced my three week old son to the wonderful Epaulet folks. With the shoes my mother bought, and the belt I gave my father, almost every adult member of my family has at least one item from Epaulet. My sister will be in town at some point, that will probably make it a full sweep. The entire crew at Epaulet was helpful and awesome as always. The scarves look...
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