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I am going to rock these SO hard this spring.
I've got two pairs of cordovan seconds. One had a very slight "slice" near the heel, which shoe mart told me about before I ordered. If I had bought the shoes as "firsts" I would have been unhappy, but as is I found the defect very minor for the price I paid. The other pair I honestly could not figure out what was wrong with them. Perhaps there was a minor ripple? Who knows. They seemed perfect to me despite going over them in great detail. I also have a pair of calf...
This is a great thread, it's fascinating to read the responses. I started dressing better a few years ago. I started noticing other men who just looked put together, and realized that I wasn't one of them. They stood out, they looked effortless, and the looked a lot better than I did. It all started with a desire to just do something basic, dressing myself, better than I had been. In retrospect, it was a similar to when I decided I needed to start learning to cook, manage...
I don't own any Carminas yet (but I'm in on the austerity brogue order), but I do have a number of pairs of Aldens and have checked out the Carminas in person. Echoing CHRK33, the Carminas seem much sleeker and have a superior level of finish as compared to the Aldens. The Carminas seem to be on the level with, if not surpassing, Crockett and Jones bench grade (of which I have a few pairs and love).
Excellent! Order is in. These are going to be great. I love the idea of the suede/calf boot. I like cordovan, but don't seem to be as excited about it as many here are.
Seriously. Rivet Chinos are like crack. I've got two pairs, and will be hitting the new stuff Mike is bringing in HARD.
This was really fun, you should do something like this every year Mike!
Ok, first entry. Me with the kids in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Smith jeans and the double-prong brown chromexel belt.
Oh man, gonna have to come check out that moleskin over-shirt. Now I need to convince my wife to take photos of me for the contest, seeing as all I wear are Epaulet trousers!
Whole cut all the way. But I'd put another vote in for calf not shell. I love cordovan, but to me this shoe should be a dress calf (and hopefully with a rams head medallion!). A nice light color for spring.
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