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This is what I'm thinking of. Black is a classic combination, but I find dark brown to be a much nicer combination with navy. However, since the black suit (which should subsequently be used for evening only!) can only take black shoes he's better of focusing on a good black pair (balmoral style, either plain toe or cap toe with no detail work).
I would say navy. Charcoal is a fine suit, but navy will serve you better. Make it as simple as possible. No details like ticket pockets, peak lapels, or odd button stitching. Go with a simple two or three button (I prefer two), the best fit you can get (don't be afraid of an alterations tailor) and the best quality cloth you can afford. Then start saving for a good pair of shoes. Since you've got a black suit, and navy can get away with black shoes go for those.
Bumped with price drop.
Excited to see Epaulet expanding, sad to see Mike and Adel leaving Brooklyn. Oh so close to going after one of the FF jackets, might need to swing by a store and see the swatches in person!
I have a pair of lightly worn (maybe 15-20 times, see closeups of soles) Crockette & Jones suede chukkas for sale. I love them, but the last just doesn't quite work for me. These were originally bought from Ben Silver, so they are US Sized 8 D. Original box with some wear, original shoe bags included. Payment via Paypal please. Shipping free to continental US.
In the Spring 2013 look-book on Flickr I saw a 4x2 double breasted suit. Is that an option now, or are DBs still 6x2 only? I'm considering getting my Kent Wang suit fit figured out and would love do a blue glen plaid 4x2.
These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I always get compliments on them and they have aged very well.
Oh hell yes.
Swung by Orchard St. today to pick up one of the Fidelity pea coats. This is an awesome piece, I'm going to wear the hell out of it as soon as the weather gets cold enough! The new Carminas are f'ing killing me. See, I'm trying to be good and not spend all my money given we are buying a new apartment, but oh those shoes! The Alt Wiens are amazing. I want a pair so badly. The longwings are ridiculous. Please promise that you will do another balmoral boot with suede and...
Good god. I'm saving for a move to a new apartment man, and you are killing me with these Carmina shots. Now, not only will it be hard to save, I'll need a bigger apartment for the shoe storage. And the preview of the new "Heisenberg" bomber? I'll obviously need to start selling a ton of meth to get the cashflow going. Had to jump on the natural chromexel belt, been eyeing that for a while. And inevitably when I go to pick it up I'll have to try on the new polos. Somehow...
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