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In the Spring 2013 look-book on Flickr I saw a 4x2 double breasted suit. Is that an option now, or are DBs still 6x2 only? I'm considering getting my Kent Wang suit fit figured out and would love do a blue glen plaid 4x2.
These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I always get compliments on them and they have aged very well.
Oh hell yes.
Swung by Orchard St. today to pick up one of the Fidelity pea coats. This is an awesome piece, I'm going to wear the hell out of it as soon as the weather gets cold enough! The new Carminas are f'ing killing me. See, I'm trying to be good and not spend all my money given we are buying a new apartment, but oh those shoes! The Alt Wiens are amazing. I want a pair so badly. The longwings are ridiculous. Please promise that you will do another balmoral boot with suede and...
Good god. I'm saving for a move to a new apartment man, and you are killing me with these Carmina shots. Now, not only will it be hard to save, I'll need a bigger apartment for the shoe storage. And the preview of the new "Heisenberg" bomber? I'll obviously need to start selling a ton of meth to get the cashflow going. Had to jump on the natural chromexel belt, been eyeing that for a while. And inevitably when I go to pick it up I'll have to try on the new polos. Somehow...
I'm not one to normally post the "OMG love love love" posts, but had to share this for all the Epaulet freaks on this thread. I was cleaning out my closet a few days ago, and had some thoughts about this crazy hobby. I discovered Epaulet right around when I started taking dressing seriously a few years ago. I think we've all been through the phase where we were figuring things out, and had a few regrettable purchases as we found our way into this brave new world of buying...
The wholecut is pretty cool. How about a straight up wholecut with a rams head medallion?
Get yourself a deer bone, like Will sells here. These things are absolute magic on cordovan. They polish out scrapes and scratches phenomenally well. You can read up on how to use them, but essentially you just take the smooth side of the bone and rub it with some good force in a circular motion on the scuff (you'll need shoe trees in to do this). The shoe will start to look really waxy and dull. Then give it a strong brushing and you'll have shiny smooth cordovan.
I put waterproofing spray on all my suede shoes. It's totally invisible and I've had no issues with this (other than protecting me from errant drops!).
[[SPOILER]] Both. But if you can only have one, get the blue suede Carminas. Wore mine for the first time yesterday and got crazy compliments. They are so so good.
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