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I'm selling one pair of lightly worn Carmina hatch grain jumper boots, made for Epaulet, in a size 6.5 UK (fits 7.5 US). Wore these probably 10 times and finally decided that the last didn't really work for me. Soles are in excellent condition, uppers similar. Some very light scuffing, all detailed in the photos. Box and shoe bags included. Oscar last.
Plum combat boots were an insta-kop for me. Brilliant concept Mike, can't wait to see them in person!
Damn, missed the speckled rivets in 30. Any chance they will come around again at some point?
Oh man, I have a feeling this will be a wallet killer. I've been eyeing that Thedi for ages. All the leather has been amazing lately.
Nuking the chambray Doyle worked wonders. I had been feeling it was wider in the body and longer than the 38 I tried on in the store. It came up a good 1.5 inches in the sleeve and some unknown (I didn't measure before hand) amount in length. At any rate, it fits much better now. Shoulder shrinkage was minimal, maybe 1/4" by feel. The width in the body seems to have come in somewhat making for a much nicer fit. It took the piece from "this wasn't how I remember, is this...
This happened with mine and I ended up having a cobbler glue it back and run a thin line of stitching around the belt. It's held of great ever since and I wear it a lot. I always felt it was a very casual belt and still feels that way. The new belt obviously won't have this problem.
Someone got those Navy Carminas and it wasn't me. So sad....
I am all ears for this mysterious brown horsehide surprise. Any hints?
Really hoping for a killer Epaulet take on an A2 or something. I'm still looking for a leather jacket that really clicks for me.
Doyle special order ordered. I'm gonna say this sells out in less than two days.
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