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Damn, missed the speckled rivets in 30. Any chance they will come around again at some point?
Oh man, I have a feeling this will be a wallet killer. I've been eyeing that Thedi for ages. All the leather has been amazing lately.
Nuking the chambray Doyle worked wonders. I had been feeling it was wider in the body and longer than the 38 I tried on in the store. It came up a good 1.5 inches in the sleeve and some unknown (I didn't measure before hand) amount in length. At any rate, it fits much better now. Shoulder shrinkage was minimal, maybe 1/4" by feel. The width in the body seems to have come in somewhat making for a much nicer fit. It took the piece from "this wasn't how I remember, is this...
This happened with mine and I ended up having a cobbler glue it back and run a thin line of stitching around the belt. It's held of great ever since and I wear it a lot. I always felt it was a very casual belt and still feels that way. The new belt obviously won't have this problem.
Someone got those Navy Carminas and it wasn't me. So sad....
I am all ears for this mysterious brown horsehide surprise. Any hints?
Really hoping for a killer Epaulet take on an A2 or something. I'm still looking for a leather jacket that really clicks for me.
Doyle special order ordered. I'm gonna say this sells out in less than two days.
How much might the sweatshirts shrink given a wash and dry? The small fits me perfectly (I'm a bit between small and medium in shirt sizes), but wouldn't want it to shrink up too much.
[[SPOILER]] This time I am not missing out on the grey Wilshires! Ordered!
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