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Someone got those Navy Carminas and it wasn't me. So sad....
I am all ears for this mysterious brown horsehide surprise. Any hints?
Really hoping for a killer Epaulet take on an A2 or something. I'm still looking for a leather jacket that really clicks for me.
Doyle special order ordered. I'm gonna say this sells out in less than two days.
How much might the sweatshirts shrink given a wash and dry? The small fits me perfectly (I'm a bit between small and medium in shirt sizes), but wouldn't want it to shrink up too much.
[[SPOILER]] This time I am not missing out on the grey Wilshires! Ordered!
Hell yes. That sounds amazing.
Any word on Wilshire restocks? I'm coveting a pair of the grey Kurabo.
White with gum would be f'ing amazing.
I've tried a number of shirt makers. Carl is hands down the nicest. He's gotten my fit dialed in (after 2 shirts!) to the point I just can't think of going anywhere else. His prices are totally fair and the quality is phenomenal. I've referred a number of coworkers to Carl and they have all been thrilled with the results. No idea what Jacobd's experience was, but mine have always been awesome. Speaking of which, I should probably go see Carl for some more shirts....
New Posts  All Forums: