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Do it. Best leather jacket ever. I love mine to death and wish I could wear it even more.
How heavy is the grey donegal? Same as the Mocha?
I forget if this was mentioned earlier, but are the museum calf boots also shipping out of PT with the sneakers?
In for the Ecru w/ Chocolate Flecks. So happy to see this color yarn!
Anyone else find that the Taupe Linen Summer made up super small?
Looking at the Gauzy Rainbow, what do you guys think about patch pockets vs. inset?
I have a pair, still wear them regularly (especially in the Fall). Great boots.End of an era for the Brooklyn store. I'll definitely swing by. Sounds like a great move Mike, congratulations!
Someone should definitely buy up those long sleeve Ts. I'd be on that but I already have so many... I can see how it would be a hard internet sale. When you see them in person it's clear how much higher quality they are. I'll miss them!
Hi MSchapiro, These boots are on the Oscar last.
I have two pairs of Epaulet walt trousers for sale: 28" waist tangerine linen. 29" inseam, 2" material to be let out. Asking $75 shipped 30" waist pearl grey flannel Walts with cargo pockets. 29" inseam, 2" material to be let out. Asking $75 shipped SOLD Each have been worn a few times and dry cleaned. Linens are a little wrinkled from storage in the photos. If you buy both I'll sell for $130 shipped (CONUS)
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