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Interest here on the 40R
I own that exact Loro Piana Horsey coat, same color even, and can confirm that insane is, if anything, an understated way to describe it. The wool outer fabric is much, much nicer than the synthetic stuff that many of the Horsey coats are made of, and the yellow lining in the vest (it's also in the pockets of the coat) is part cashmere if I recall correctly. The detailing in terms of snaps, buttons etc. is superb. With the vest this is the equivalent of a heavy winter...
Great experience recently with AnGeLiCbOrIs -- couldn't ask for better customer service. Perfect resolution of an issue that was not his fault, will go out of my way to buy from him again. Deal with confidence.
Great transactions recently with the following sellers -- highly recommended: leon12 nate10184
Quote: Originally Posted by sethkatzman@comcast. I went to the "warehouse" sale yesterday. Did they put new stuff out? The warehouse sale has been going on now for many weeks, at least since February if I recall correctly. Last I checked things were thoroughly picked over in my size, but I'd be interested to stop back in if they've added anything new.
Great transactions recently with the following sellers: earthdragon chorse123 chl philosophe whusurdadi In all cases fast shipping, great communication and merchandise exactly as described (or better).
Thanks for the clarification on the chest measurement. Great coat, wish it were my size. Those of you in the 42-44R range should be jumping on this!
PM sent yesterday -- need a little clarification on the Kiton measurements. Thanks.
I'll take the blue shirt -- sending PM momentarily.
I'll take three shirts' worth -- sending PM momentarily.
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