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Pm'd on the Cucinelli sportcoat. Nice stuff
PM sent on the grey cashmere Cucinelli
Two questions: First, is the hardware brass-colored or silver-colored? Can't quite tell from the photos. And second, is there a shoulder strap included? I see the rings for one on the ends of the bag but don't see the strap itself in the photos.
Interest in the duffel bag here.
*** SOLD *** NWT charcoal Sartorio/Kiton suit, size EU 50 / US 40 This is made by Kiton and was a bit challenging to photograph because although it appears to be a conservative staple color from anything more than a few feet away, up close it has subtle stripes and texture variations in blue and gold tones. The fabric is 100% wool twill in a great three-season weight. The basting stitches came loose on the left sleeve cuff but it's still basted in the right cuff and...
Having the shirt dry cleaned rather than laundered sometimes helps. The problem tends to be at its worst on fabrics that have some texture to them, the kind of texture that can be knocked down by heavy ironing. I did the dry cleaning thing recently to a charcoal grey twill shirt and it made the imprint about half as noticeable as it had previously been. Haven't tried the lemon trick. Also, this isn't just limited to situations where the stays are in the shirt. Some...
PM sent
I bought one of these from Furo and in addition to bumping for a great seller, just wanted to say -- the pictures do not do justice to the fabric on these suits. It is spectacular stuff.
I own two Loro Piana coats and tried on lots of them before buying the ones I own. This looks real to me. The labels, interior fabric pattern and the details that are visible in your pictures are all correct. Spectacular price by the way. LP makes/has made many styles of cashmere coats but here are some details that seem to consistently be present. These are the kinds of things that I would expect to be skipped on many fakes: - Buttons, snaps and zippers that say...
Chl, these look just like the ones I told you about a few months ago, only 1/2 size bigger. For those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing these shoes in person -- they are spectacular.
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